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What's a User Story?

"As a <type of user>, I want <some goal> so that <some reason>."

or more specifically:

"A <type of Tor user> wants to <some feature of a Tor app> in order to <some reason related to security, privacy, etc>."

Some more good information is here:

User Stories

A blogger in Uganda wants to document and publish local personal stories related to the fight against anti-homosexuality legislation, but is worried about being persecuted, or having the subjects of their posts persecuted.

A journalists wants to communicate with a source using a chat/instant messaging on a web or mobile device without exposing that they are talking to the source, or having anyone log that they were talking.

A student at a high school is searching for information on this history of abortion law for a paper, but the schools internet filters block all access based on the keyword "abortion".

A researcher faces opportunistic and targeted attacks from compromised upstream service provider when using plain-text or privacy compromising protocols.

A parent faces intermittent local WiFi active threats (DNSspoof,SSLstrip,*MitM,...) in the community. Children's older devices especially vulnerable.