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A meeting about hidden services in Washington DC happening early in July 2015.


From the 9th of July to the 13th (and more?).


  • kernelcorn's OnioNS [asn] [kernelcorn] [dgoulet]
    • design
    • compatibility with 224 and Donncha's work
    • required modifications to Tor
    • installation best practices
    • how to actually deploy it realistically?
  • OnionDNS (, distinct from OnioNS, just as an FYI)
  • Hidden Service fingerprinting defenses (the USENIX paper) [kernelcorn] [dgoulet] [Aaron Johnson] [Rob]
  • Direct onion services [dgoulet] [Aaron Johnson] [syverson] [Rob]
    • Binding DNS domains and onion addresses
    • Are guards, introduction points, and rendezvous points needed?
  • Guard discovery attacks [asn] [Aaron Johnson] [special] [syverson] [Rob]
    • How to make the attacks harder for hidden services that care
  • Next Generation Hidden Services [asn] [kernelcorn] [dgoulet] [Aaron Johnson] [special] [syverson] [Rob]
  • HS crowdfunding and how to move forward
  • Make it easier to setup HSes with APAF/Stormy
  • Guard security
  • Hidden Service DoS resistance (#15516, #16059, etc.) [kernelcorn]
  • Re-branding hidden services [Aaron Johnson] [special] [syverson]
  • Hidden Services and mobile
  • HS load balancing [kernelcorn] [dgoulet] [Rob]
    • Donncha's onion manager
  • statistics gathering through PrivEX / secure multiparty computation [Aaron Johnson]
  • Best practices for setting up a HS (building a guide)
  • Good examples for HSs (to encourage ethical/personal use) [kernelcorn]
  • High-latency anonymity research directions
  • Sitting down and working through trac tickets [arma]
  • Helping Nima think about the hidden service video Kajart will do [arma]

Tickets & Tasks that we could work on during hackfest

  • Publish our hidden service statistics analysis/results --
  • #8864: Hidden service: Suddenly the service does not respond to new connections (INTRODUCE2 cell on intro circ with no corresponding
  • #16389: Redesign the HS client descriptor cache
  • #16291: Emit control event when a HS descriptor is generated
  • #15618: Tried to establish rendezvous on non-OR circuit with purpose Acting as rendevous (pending)
  • #15588: Allow client authorization on control port ADD_ONION services
  • #4862: Consider disabling dynamic intro point formula (numerology)
  • #15824: Silly ambiguous function names in rendservices [easy]
  • #15554: Put some actual hsdescs in the unit tests for parsing [easy]


If you want to tell people that you're going or not going, please add yourself to this table:

Person Dates
Paul Syverson July 9-10, July 13 - ?
Aaron Johnson July 9 - July 13
george July 8 evening - July 13 evening
dgoulet July 5th - July 22nd
Roger July 5th - July 17th
special July 8 - July 15
kernelcorn July 5th - July 14th evening
mrphs *
Rob *
saint July 9 evening - July 14
ailanthus Ailanthus can come to DC for rebranding discussion or can be phone conferenced in.