In order to generate the most relevant and valuable agenda for Berlin, we are posing several agenda planning questions via this page. We hope you'll take time to tell us your thoughts.

You don't need to share more than 2-3 sentences per question, and in any case, please limit each of your responses to a paragraph at most.

Concrete, specific answers are most appreciated; vague, general observations are less useful :)

Please put each response as a new "bullet" in order to keep things readable.

"+1's" are of course most welcome.

1) In your opinion, what would be the most important things for the *Tor Project as a whole* to achieve at this event?

  • Your answer here
  • ...

2) What do you *personally* want to get out of the event? Phrased differently, what will make your time feel well spent, and what outcomes will be most beneficial to you and the work you are doing? Specific and concrete answers are most appreciated here.

  • What initiatives are actually happening and which are most important?
  • Who is the lead person on each initiative? Who is the main contact point who will keep each project moving?

3) What specific topics do you want to make sure are addressed in the agenda? Are there particular experiences, knowledge or perspectives you want to contribute to the proceedings?

4) Do you have any other questions or concerns about the event?

  • Your answer here
  • ...
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