We basically talked about making the application team related things more independent from the Tor Browser ones. This included several areas for improvement:

  • We are not using the tbb-dev mailing list anymore for making application team related announcements. Rather, we start posting to tor-dev and if it is getting too noisy we'll create a new team mailing list.
  • We should have a web presence both for ourselves and for outsiders containing material related to applications within Tor (guidelines, a list of already existing applications, status of them etc.)
  • Instead of having a scrum-style meeting for the application team we could have a topic that is a concern for a bunch of applications. Additionally, the application team meeting should be de-coupled from the Tor Browser meeting as it is already getting too long: we then have team-intern meetings and the application team meeting for talking about cross-application issues.
  • Talking about cross-application usability design (guidelines, best practices, branding---be it platform specific or not---, testing etc.) and localization/internationalization in the Tor context should get started. Having an A/B user testing seems like a good idea.
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