Community Team Meeting
Berlin Dev Meeting

September, 2015

Asking the Question: How Can We Support What You Are Doing?

Our goals at this meeting were to explain the Vegas Plan, answer questions about the Community Team, and encourage new people to join. Much of this input is from new people :)

People were interested in establishing a nonpublic team home page (on Sandstorm?), an email list, and in more coordination between the teams. Several people noted that when they have specific tasks to complete for the team, they feel accountable and want to come to the meetings.

We talked about the Vegas Plan and the reason for dividing Tor into teams (so that Roger would not have to manage 70+ people himself), and the eclectic nature of the Community Team's membership. The team, so far, is not interested in a big mission statement but more in mutual support and seeing where we might want to do outreach, and doing it. (Relevantly, Beatrice from Aspiration held a separate session identifying the many audiences of the Tor Project that might find more training useful.)

We talked about the fact that ongoing Tor projects like the new Berlin office (building the Tor community in Germany) and the CloudFlare project (code name: CloudBurst) are discussed at Community Team meetings.

Several people said they wanted to join our bi-weekly meetings on #Tor-Outreach (Thursdays at 2 pm EDT; next meeting on October 8th).

Here are few projects that interested participants:

  • Planning crowd funding - The community team can be important in mobilizing the year-end crowdfunding campaign. For instance, we may want to help work with Tor champions (people with many connections who like Tor) to help them run their own micro fundraising campaigns for Tor. We can discuss this at our next meeting.
  • Identify, evaluate, promote, and distribute accurate teaching materials so that we are teaching people how to use Tor safely (and not teaching them to use it incorrectly and unsafely).
  • Improve relations with businesses and large NGOS--Answer questions like: How do we know that Tor is not backdoored by the US government? We need a fact sheet with some talking points for people who work in businesses and want to talk about and support Tor.
  • We are about to release a survey on successes and obstacles to teaching Tor to people who teach privacy tools to human rights defenders.
  • Allies mapping (our allies are part of the Tor community).
  • Outreach to kids about online privacy and Tor.
  • More art about privacy and Tor.
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