Measurement team Vegas retrospective session

  1. The measurement team needs a team landing page. That page could be on the wiki (which is the plan for now), a separate website, or even on the Metrics website. The page would say things about the team's scope, including giving an overview of the tools, link to resources like the roadmap, and also list team routines like when regular meetings happen.
  1. One way to receive more publicity for what the team is doing is that team members analyze Tor data, discuss possible findings of interesting patterns with the team, post them on tor-dev@, and get them covered by Tor Weekly News.
  1. We're starting regular 1-on-1 conversations between the team lead and team members who think that those conversations would be worthwhile. Tom is going to share a set of possible questions for such conversations to ensure they're not just chatting but roughly follow an agenda. The preference for media (IRC, audio, video) would be up to team members.
  1. Some team members expressed the desire to have a team mailing list rather than using tor-dev@ with a tag in the subject, because they often find themselves not posting a message in order not to disturb the many tor-dev@ subscribers. The measurement team would want to coordinate this step with the other teams. Related to this it was suggested to rotate the IRC meeting times.
  1. It was suggested that communication between teams could be improved, and best practices should be exchanged better. There should be regular meetings of team leads and the board/ED with any feedback being reported back to the team.
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