Retrospective Summer Dev Meeting 2015

Teams collaboration

  • let's work a bunch with people working on different aspects of onion services protocols.
  • Can we get more people on one-person projects?
    • Too many people doing too many things poorly.
  • Team meetings -> Let's solve time zones! Eliminate them?
  • What else do we need periodic times for? Can we establish some?

Developers resources

  • Possibility of purchasing dev tools licenses for developers (like the support we are giving with EC2 servers for tests)
  • Look into creating a budget for teams to be used for organizing small hackathons since the HS one was so great this could be a way to help developers get stuff done
  • Can we do continuing education and research? (Summarize and IRC-discussion?) Learning hour.

Volunteers Onboarding

  • "I'm a volunteer with with spare time, what can I do to make a difference, where are the priorities?" Get volunteers some notion of what's important and approachable. What's priorities as opposed to plans?
  • Have a wiki page with information for volunteers
  • create a buddy system for volunteers so they can have a point of contact for questions etc.

Roadmap and projects documentation

  • Map priorities and dependencies for projects?
  • Finish project map on etherpad?
  • Documentation sprint!

Code Review

  • Where do we need more code review and how do we get it?
  • What is code review?
  • What standards are important?
  • How do we do it?
  • How can we get it to happen faster?
  • How do we act upon it?
  • How do we communicate knowledge and confidence?
  • Gamify? >:)
  • Better tool for code review
  • How can we have more maintainers
    • Identify maintainers for sub-systems
    • create a workflow for maintainers


  • Security review? Design review? Code review?

Better process for proposals:

  • Start by cleaning proposals git
  • Create main ticket for each proposal that we decide to prioritize on git and use it to collect all the child tickets related to it
  • how do we close the loop on proposals? Improve the proposals process?
    • Become more IETF-like?
    • Get $$ from Goog?
  • Surface crypto issues! Collect, figure out who writes proposals, etc.

Tech Discussion Points

  • pluggable transports , want to workshop , ways to get them together and in
  • Clients bootstrapping on IPv6 -- can we get it done? Who can do it? Who can bell the cat?
  • Certificate Transparency for tor consensus? hash chain? log?
  • What to do about dirauth scripts?
    • Dangle money?
    • Integrate, test better?
    • Form a plan, bring people on?
  • Guard node rotation algorithm!
  • NAT traversal! What can be done! Does anybody run tor-fw-helper?! Can we revivify it? Can we solve its warts? What does bittorrent do? So we need introductions, superpeers, etc etc?
  • What's our plan when meek gets blocked? Should meek be used for bridge-dist only? Or more?
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