Community Team Exercise from Tor Dev Meeting in Berlin

Some key points that came out of the meeting that was done during roadmapping (the meeting lacked many of our excellent outreach people, though included other excellent outreach people):

• This is a brainstorm rather than a roadmap; it is not meant to be deliverables at this stage. The Community Team has not decided to do a roadmap but can discuss these ideas during our meetings and decide which of these things we might want to do. Also, we want to hear from other Tor outreach people who were unable to attend the meeting.

• We can support the crowdfunding campaign in November and December and should start planning now--at our next meeting.

• We should identify accurate teaching materials and organize a Teach the Teachers workshop--possibly for the next dev meeting at the Teachers Summit at the Circumvention Tech Festival in March (although the drafty time line below puts this much later).

• Advocates for Tor within businesses need some basic facts about Tor to do a better job in demystifying and evangelizing Tor.

So! Here are some ideas for the next year:

October, 2015

Plan crowd funding! How can we help?
• Perhaps to connect with Tor champions (Tor enthusiasts who know a lot of people), encourage them to organize microcampaigns, and help them stay on track?)
PP: Whole community team (who is interested in participating) through December, 2015

Send us a template of activities for crowdfunding champions
PP: Katina

Revitalize the video/talk index!
PP: www-team (with Lunar?)

Talk to other tech companies about how to discuss prototypes with the media
PP: Kate

Write a glossary of Tor Terms
PP: Jonah Sheridan and Griffin

November, 2015

Collect good teaching materials for evaluation of efficacy and accuracy.
PP: Whole community team plus Tor Teachers List (already happening on new Tor Teacher's page:

Identify a group to vet these materials for efficacy and accuracy
PP: None yet

Organize learning materials
PP: www-team

Write boilerplate sentences explaining Tor for journalists that they can cut and paste
PP: Kate

Identify public interest events for outreach and public speaking
PP: Kate/Jake (Need more info--do we want a calendar? Not sure what this is:) - K)

December, 2015

Present at 32C3
PP: Alison/Katie (if their talk is accepted by CCC)

Finish directory of international journalists we care about
PP: Kate with input from Tor people

Improve relations with business and large NGOs to build coalitions and get users!
PP: Org Team

January, 2016

Post press kit to web site (to be added to)
PP: Kate

Finish list of local Tor representatives by country
PP: None yet

February, 2016

Attend FOSDEM16
PP: Moritz, asn, lunar, Griffin
(Partial list)

Make an outreach plan for artists
PP: Jake or Kate?

Gather three more user stories
PP: Kate

Translate accurate teaching materials
PP: Phoul

Create a group responsible for business development/sales engineering
PP: Martha

Make an outreach plan for the Circumvention Tech Festival in March
PP: Community Team brainstorm during a meeting

March, 2016

Circumvention Tech Festival (First days of March)
Trainers' Summit in Valencia
PP: None yet

Teach the Teachers
Develop content of workshop
PP: None yet

Review translations for teaching materials
PP: Phoul

Prepare a booklet with info about Tor for a general audience
PP: Martha

April, 2016

Develop invite list, secure a location, and get budget approved for "Teach the Teachers" workshop
PP: None yet

Distribute accurate, effective teaching materials
PP: www-team

May, 2016

Figure out how to bring information about Tor to kids
PP: Martha and Colin

August, 2016

Prepare a universal email to send to schools and universities offering to teach about online privacy.
PP: None yet

December, 2016

Present at 33c3
PP: None yet (too early!)

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