Measurement Team Roadmap

October 2015

  • Onionperf: deployment on Metrics - Rob
  • analytics server: setup and introduction on tor-dev - karsten and tomlurge

November 2015

  • Check: Find out if it's still used (ask Mike and Nathan) - qbi
  • Land onion routed TCPEndpoint patch in OONI or txtorcon - aagbsn
  • Metrics: Open up Metrics to third-party contributions - karsten
  • metrics-lib: Unify exception/error handling and logging - karsten
  • metrics website: some tweaking (adding more navigation, descriptions)  - tomlurge

December 2015

  • CollecTor: Exchange collected data between multiple CollecTor servers - Sponsor R - karsten
  • Metrics: Gather metrics on usage of the various measurement tools, consider deprecating tools like Compass - karsten
  • Find out where to put a generic consensus data visualization tool using vote history per relay - aagbsn
  • metrics-lib: Improve build and release process - karsten
  • hs-health: Analyze and visualize hs-health data, think about including that in CollecTor/Metrics - Sponsor R - karsten, dgoulet
  • Stem: Compare descriptor-parsing libraries for capabilities and efficiency - karsten, atagar
  • visionion: working prototype with most of the planned functionality - tomlurge

January 2016

  • Roster: Add Weather's email functionality, including t-shirts and node down, to deprecate Weather - Sean
  • Onionoo: Enable more operators to set up Onionoo servers - karsten
  • Extract relay votes/consensus from Stem for relative bwauth graph production, micah

February 2016

  • metrics-lib: Make it easier for new developers to get started with the API - karsten
  • Publish statistics about TorBrowser downloads - karsten
  • Ethics guidelines of hidden-service measurements - sjmurdoch, asn, NRL, karsten

March 2016

  • Stem 1.5 release - atagar
  • Metrics: Rewrite old data-aggregating modules using Stem - karsten, atagar
  • Nyx 2.0 release - atagar
  • Torflow/bwauth: Package bw scanner for at least one OS - aagbsn
  • visionion: add Globe + Atlas functionality - tomlurge

April 2016

  • Replace TorDNSEL/TorBEL with OONI (tor-exit-ip-check) or find mentor for GSoC; include IPv6 support - aagbsn
  • metrics-lib: Make descriptor parsing more efficient - karsten
  • Onionoo: Make data more consistent across servers - karsten
  • OnionPerf: Add Torperf functionality, deprecate it - rob, karsten
  • CollecTor: Increase integrity of stored data by operating a public append-only untrusted log - ln5?

July 2016

  • Onionoo: Extend provided data to all relays and bridges ever known - karsten
  • Torflow: Rewrite towards using Stem or txtorcon, deprecate TorCtl - aagbsn

October 2016

  • Erebus 1.0 release - atagar
  • Weather: Add notifications for bridges
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