Summary of agreed tasks

  1. Largest change is the launch of Donncha's "TLS2onion" variant of Tor2web. This will be an implementation of his proposal for "end to end encrypted services". Allow restricting to specific .onion addresses. Assigned: Donncha
  2. The Stem library will become a dependency of Tor2web for doing HSFetch() lookups for more informative error messages such as those given by CloudFlare. Assigned: virgil
  3. Merge any useful changes from OnionLink's modified codebase into Tor2web. Assigned: virgil
  4. Allow blocklisting by regex on domain+path. Assigned: evilaliv3
  5. Allow more robust blocking for hashed domains. Assigned: evilaliv3
  6. Allow Tor2web operators to define HTTP headers, such that if they exist, are stripped before relaying the request to the .onion server. Assigned: evilaliv3
  7. Enable support for the HTTP header 'Forwarded'. Assigned: evilaliv3
  8. Request from the working group to tor-dev: On tor, allow Tor2web mode to be enabled with a command-line option. Having this enabled without a specific compile-time option will allow Tor2web installations to be done much more easily. Would only need this for the Linux version. Assigned: Fabio Naif (?)
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