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    108 = (Maybe) Interesting local info =
     108= Interesting local stuff (according to isis) =
     110 - Go visit the [ C-base] and ask for a tour of the alien spaceship buried underneath Berlin.
     111 - "Be excellent to each other" in German is, "Seid voll knorke zueinander."
     112 - [ Chaos Computer Club Berlin] (CCCB) is an excellent hackerspace that has open-to-the-public nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
     113 - [ InBerlin] is one of the oldest ISPs in existence.  They also run a hackerspace in the same building, and they are happy to have visitors. They also run several large Tor Exit relays. They also have the most amazing impressionist oil painting of Richard Stallman in existence.
     114 - There are also good people at [ Raumfahrtagentur], but their makerspace is sort of members-only, so you might have to be extra friendly to be allowed to visit.
     115 - There are like [ 18 other hackerspaces].
     116 - [ St. Oberholz] and [ Nothaft Seidl] are both excellent cafés (with good Wifi) to work out of.  [ Bonanza] is better for San Francisco coffee snob coffee.
     117 - [ Liquidrom] is an excellent spa that is incredibly affordable.  The same people also run [ Vabali].
     118 - There's an Android app, Öffi, which will really help you navigate public transportation.
     119 - Visit Room77 in [ Graefekiez] to get beer/cidre and sandwiches with Bitcoin and check out the [,13.417901&spn=0.003136,0.006866&z=17&source=embed map of other Bitcoin accepting stores] in the borough.
     120 - Airbnb was pseudo-illegalised in Germany in the last year, so if you use it, keep it on the DL, otherwise your hosts might get paranoid.
     121 - Mauerpark has karaoke on Sundays with thousands of people picnicking.
     122 - [ Teufelsberg] is an underground WWII Stasi bunker that was later used as an NSA listening post. (You need to schedule ahead if you want a tour in English.)
     123 - Märchenbrunnen im Volkspark Friedrichshain is a nice place to read.
     125 - The food at [ Sauvage] is amazing.  Everything is gluten free, and they always manage to have vegan and vegetarian options. They can also accommodate people following ketotic diets.
     126 - [ Alternative Berlin] has interesting events/walks/tours sometimes.
     127 - All the cool crypto kids go to the Telekommunistenstammtisch at Buchhandlung (it's a bar called "bookstore", not a bookstore) on Tuesdays from 19:00-late.
    112130= Extra-curricular events =