A meeting of the core Tor team, developers, volunteers and invited guests to discuss plans, milestones, deadlines and other important matters. We'll have public outreach and community events too, since we're teaming up with the OpenITP circumvention tech festival!

Week at a glance

  • Sun, Mar 1st [times TBD]: the Circumvention Tech Festival begins!
  • Mon, Mar 2nd 9:30 - 18:00: People contributing to funded projects meet to set milestones and deadlines.
  • Tues, Mar 3rd 9:30 - 18:00: More of what we did on Monday.
  • Wed, Mar 4th 10:00 - 18:00: Catch your breath, go to the beach, and meet with other groups at CTF! Open to the public!
  • Thu, Mar 5th 10:00 - 18:00: Beginning of developer/development meeting and hackfest. Open to the public!
  • Fri, Mar 6th 10:00 - 18:00: Developer/development meeting and hackfest: breakout sessions, hacking, working, conversations, and more breakout sessions. Open to the public!

Security Notice

Valencia's biggest holiday is Fallas, and it is one of Spain's biggest holidays, on March 19th. It attracts tourists from around all the world, and pickpockets from all Europe. The program starts on March 1st, so we will be there in the weeks with more thieves per square meter. In some zones of the city walking will be almost impossible due to the crowds.

If going to any crowded place (like city center) please keep documentation at the Hotel or flat room and carry only a photocopy. Move with few (or none) money, and use credit cards as much as possible. Use a concealed waist pocket if possible.

In general, do not carry your wallet in a back pocket. Wear bag always with closed zip or with cover and closure


Daytime activities will be at Las Naves, Calle de Juan Verdeguer, 20, Valencia Spain. The Circumvention Tech Festival is open to the public. For Monday and Tuesday, you will need to be on our invite list in order to get into Tor's meeting space. Please contact us early to make sure everything goes smoothly for you!

See also:

What's the deal with Monday/Tuesday? Should I attend?

The Monday and Tuesday part of the week will be a smaller group of people just buckling down to get better synchronized on our various funded projects. Gunner will help us focus on brainstorming and committing to milestones and deliverables. If you are a current contributor to these projects, we will be pleased to have you there even if you're not an employee/contractor. But if you want to learn how to get involved in Tor, or how to start contributing to these projects, your best bet is to join us starting on Wednesday.

Specific projects:


The nearby airport is VLC, but it lacks serious international connections. Madrid's MAD (usually known as Barajas, officially as Adolfo Suárez) is a 100-minute 30-Euro train ride RENFE away if you plan ahead. Barcelona's BCN (also known as El Prat) is similar to MAD in distance and train cost. The nearest train station is Valencia - Cabanyal, which is 1.4km away from the venue. There is also long distance bus available at ALSA and similar companies.


Like in Paris, we're going to leave it to each of you to find and book your travel and lodging. We encourage you to pair up and get double rooms, so we can afford to bring more people from the broader Tor community to the meeting.

We strongly encourage you to book your lodging early! There are many good options now, but later there may be very few.

Option 1 is to reserve a spot at the Abba Acteón Hotel, which is the hotel OpenITP has picked out. It's 60EUR/ni single or 70EUR/ni double, including breakfast and taxes. You can email them, they'll reserve a spot, and you pay when you get there.

Option 2 is to find your own. There are many nearby (within 1km), reasonably priced (USD 60-90 per night for two people), and apparently well-liked hotels to choose from.,, and are great resources for finding good and cheap hotels near the venue. Put in the venue address (Calle de Juan Verdeguer, 20) and search by distance.

Roger's suggestions include "NH Ciudad de Valencia", "Valencia Center", "Tryp Valencia Oceánic","Confortel Aqua 4", "Primus Valencia", "AC Hotel Valencia by Marriott", and "Maritim". Be sure to check whether they charge for Internet, and (if you care about that sort of thing) whether breakfast is included. You can also read some reviews on if you want to be thorough.

Some of us have organised shared houses for Feb 28 - March 8. [When this becomes true, please add a section below and link to it.]

OpenITP also put up some hotel and location details at

Submitting Expenses

If you need funding for travel, be sure to mail travel [at] with an estimate of your costs and (if applicable) a reminder about why you're a great person to be there. To submit expenses from attending the dev meeting, please use the form below and send it along with all receipts to accounting@….  Items will not be reimbursed without receipts.  Reimbursable expenses include taxis, food, and lodging - alcohol is not to be charged back to Tor for reimbursement.


If you want to tell people that you're going or not going, please add yourself to this table:

Person Attending Monday/Tuesday Attending Wednesday/Thursday/Friday Arriving Departing Have lodging sorted out
Aaron G. Y Y Feb 27 ? ?
Aaron Johnson Y Y Mar 1 Mar 7 Y
amoghbl1 Y Y Mar 1 Mar 7 Y
anadahz Y Y Mar 1 ? Y
Arturo Y Y 28 Feb ? M
asn Y Y ? ? M
Ásta Helgadóttir Y Y Mar 1 Mar 7 Y
athena Y Y Feb 28 Mar 7 Y
blanu Y Y ? ? Y
boklm Y Y Feb 28 Mar 7 Y
Claudio G. Y Y ? ? ?
Damian N N
David F. N Y Mar 3 pm Mar 9 am Y
David Stainton Y Y Feb 27 Mar 7 Y
dgoulet Y Y Feb 28 am Mar 7 am Y
erinn Y Y ? ? ?
evilaliv3 Y Y 28 5 N
Florian Y Y Mar 1 Mar 6 Y
Georg Y Y Mar 1 Mar 7 Y
Harmony N N
Ian G Y Y Mar 1 Mar 9 Y (Tryp Oceanic)
ilv N N
infinity0 Y Y Feb 28 Mar 08 Y
isis Y Y Y Y Y
Jeff Burdges M Y ? ? N
Joel Y Y Feb 27 Mar 07 Y
karsten Y N Mar 01 Mar 04 Y
Kat N Y Mar 1 Mar 9 Y (Tryp Oceanic)
Kathy Brade N N
linus Y Y Mar 1 Mar 8 Y
leif ? Y ? ? N
Mark Smith N N - - -
meejah n n
Mike Tigas Y Wed only Feb 27 Mar 5 am Y
mjuarez Y Y Feb 28 Mar 7 N
mo Y Y Feb 24 Mar 4 mostly
mrphs N N
MSvB N Y Mar 6 Mar 8 Y
naif Y Y Mar 1 Mar 4 N
Nathan Y Y N
Nick Hopper Y Y Mar 1 Mar 7 Y
Nick M Y Y Feb 28 Mar 7 Y
Noel Y Y 28 Feb 7 Mar Y (Abba Acteon, shared room)
Paul Syverson Y Y ? ? Y
pde Y Y Mar 1 Mar 7 Y
Philipp W. N N
Phoul Y Y Feb 28 Mar 7 Y
qbi Y Y Feb 28 Mar 7 N
Rob Jansen Y Y Mar 1 Mar 7 Y
Roger Y Y Feb 27 Mar 7 Y (AC Valencia Marriott)
Saint Y Y Mar 1 Mar 10 Y
Sue Gardner Y yes on Wednesday Mar 1 Mar 6 Y (AC Valencia Marriott)
Sukhbir N N
sysrqb Y Y Feb 28 Mar 7 am Y
Virgil Y Y ? ? N
weasel Y Y Feb 28 Mar 8 Hotel Valencia Center
Wendy Y Y Mar 1 Mar 7 Y
Wizzup M Y ? ? Y
yawning Y Y Feb 28 Mar 7 Y
DrWhax Y Y Feb 28 Mar 6 Y
Rachel Y Y Feb 28 ? Y
Ola Bini Y Y Mar 1 Mar 7 Y
Sebastian Y P Feb 28 Mar 5 Y
ioerror Y Y Feb 26 Mar 8 Y
Ivan P Y Y Mar 1 Mar 7 Y
Tom Ritter Y Y Mar 1 Mar 7 Y
Andrew Y N Mar 1 Mar 4 Y
Menso Y Y 28 Feb ? Y
Isabela Y Y 28 Feb Mar 8 Y
Faidon N Y Mar 4 Mar 7 Y
Tom Leckrone N Y Mar 4 Mar 7 N
special Y Y Feb 28 Mar 7 Y
Lunar Y Y Mar 1 Mar 6 Y
Alison Y Y Mar 2 Mar 9 N
mvdan N Y Mar 4 Mar 6 Y
Pepijn Y Wed only Mar 1 Mar 4 Y (AC Valencia Marriott)
Simone Basso N Thu-Fri only Mar 4 Mar 7 Y

Coordination mailing list

Subscribe to the Valencia2015 mailing list to keep informed about plans.


Day One: Sunday, 1 March 2015
Day Two: Monday, 2 March 2015
Day Three: Tuesday, 3 March 2015
Day Four: Wednesday, 4 March 2015
Day Five: Thursday, 5 March 2015
Day Six: Friday, 6 March 2015

Unconference Sessions

Sessions & Notes

Please link your notes from 2015WinterDevMeeting/Notes

Day 1

  • Agenda-bash post-it wall
  • Round-the-Tor-world: Katie (media), Sue (strategy), Isabela (projects), Karen (fund-raising), Wendy/Tom (people), Andrew (AMA)
  • Afternoon breakouts:

Day 2 Notes

Day 5

  • 11:30–13:00 UX sprint recap

Session ideas

Here are some ideas for sessions:

  • little-t tor
    • Multiprocess - Initial brainstorm here
    • How to improve the situation with dirauth scripts (#14354)
    • Getting acquainted with new PM (Isabela)
    • What do we need to do in 2015 to get paid, and who will do it when, and where are the areas of uncertainty.
    • Timeframe and priorities for 0.2.7
    • Priorities for 2016 and beyond
    • Developer docs. Videotape of Nick walking through the code maybe?
    • The new TLS ?
  • Let's crunch some OONI data! -- In this session the goal will be to take a look at all the data that has been collected by ooniprobe so far and figuring out how we can make a sense of it all. We will try to brainstorm some of the possible questions we can have answered thanks to this data and come up with creative ways of visually expressing the answers to these questions. For more information on this refer to this trac ticket:
  • How to proceed with (HS) crowdfunding
  • SponsorR
    • Management
    • Enable stats by default
    • Private aggregation protocols - are anonymous reports enough?
    • Do we need / can we get more numbers by April?
  • hidden service stats discussion
  • pluggable transports website improvements obfs4 blog post extended OR port
  • the future of guard security (guard discovery sniper attacks etc.)
  • high latency hidden services (?)
  • hidden service search engines (juha / virgil / etc.)
  • watch UX sprint videos of users downloading, installing, and using Tor browser. 5 videos, each 10–20 minutes. (David F.)
  • crash course in pluggable transports. Don't know the difference between obfs2/obfs3/obfs4? Ease your confusion and learn just what these damned things are doing.
  • Tor shall become a Library to focus on third party application Integration to achieve massive deployments (and by doing so, shall make every users to contribute to the network, bittorrent/skype model) (naif)
  • Tor2web: A strange animal whose' destiny is still not well undefined but it's going forward: What's about defining / brainstorming a shared Hermes/Tor roadmap? (naif/evilaliv3)
  • Funding and business models: How Tor is funded and could be funded. Exploring funding opportunities and brainstorming potential revenue sources.
  • Transparency: How to make Tor more transparent interally and externally.
  • Employment: Retention, Contracting, and Hiring. Discussion of Tor's processes and policies.

PGP Keysigning

To facilitate easier keysigning, we are preparing a list of keys in advance, in the Phil and Len style. Please submit your key to the keyserver by February 26th (e.g. gpg --keyserver --send 62af4031c82e0039). Weasel will then prepare the final list and mail/post it (current draft.)

To Do

Ticket Summary Status Owner
No tickets found

Add a new task

Resources on how to have good meetings

On consensus building and how to have great discussions:

How to deter the bad and handle the ugly in otherwise good meetings

At past conferences it has been useful to provide for a sober and radio connected individual(s) to assist with or arrange transport for individuals or small groups of any nature who would otherwise feel uncomfortable traveling by themselves. It has also been useful to provide for a sober and radio connected individual(s) to assist with emergencies at primary residences (there are three dev houses?) which are not managed hotel facilities. It has also been useful to provide for a sober and radio connected individual(s) to assist where open bar or other ethanol based beverages are served and tamper prevention / excess control are useful. It has also been useful to provide for a sober and native speaking individual to assist with any law enforcement emergencies that arise to travelers otherwise unfamiliar with how to proceed having become survivor to a crime including physical or sexual assaults or significant thefts.

Local Medical Resources

  • Urgent medical attention is open for everyone, up to the extent needed, but not free. You must present a (valid in Spain) Health Insurance card, an European Health Card or a spanish Tarjeta Sanitaria in order to avoid being invoiced.
  • Emergency numbers:
  • 112 Universal emergency number
  • 091 National Police (theft, agression, etc.)
  • 092 Local Police (car issues, lost items, etc.)
  • 080 Fire Department
  • 91 562 04 20 Toxycology Institute (accidental poisoning)
  • 016 Genre Violence help line (rape, etc.)

Credit card theft phone numbers

  • Visa España: 915 192 100
  • Visa Internacional: 900 991 216
  • American Express: 902 375 637
  • Eurocard-Mastercard: 915 192 100
  • Diners club: 902 401 112

(Maybe) Interesting local info

  • Valencia have two official languages: spanish and catalan (named as valencian). Official signals use to be in catalan or in both. Spaniards have (as a mean) quite a low level of english and almost null in other foreign languages. Grab a dictionary or a phrase book!
  • The place (Las Naves) is near the harbour of the city. No tram/metro immediately near (which is the best way of moving around Valencia) but Francesc Cubells tram station is reasonably near (10min by foot). Tram and Metro are one connected network, and can be used jointly with bus.
  • Local currency is Euro. There are not a lot of places for making currency exchange on streets, so you should either a) change enough currency at home for initial expenses and then be careful and use bank exchange services in their (short) open hours, or b) use a credit card as much as you can, both for paying and ATM retrieval, and pay the commisions. Please note that banks only accept bank notes, no coins, and may have problems accepting foreing currencies beyond the most common ones (US dollar, pound sterling). You should also be able to change at the airport, with is commision (which uses to be high).
  • Visa and Mastercard are commonplace in Spain. American Express is not accepted in many street-level places (high fees against the place, so they refuse), and Diners Club is almost unheard of.

Extra-curricular events

  • Tor Ukulele Club - Location: the nicest beach in Valencia
  • Loud Shouting About Politics - Location TBD
  • Scuba diving - contact ioerror
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