In order to generate the most relevant and valuable agenda for Valencia, we are posing several agenda planning questions via this page. We hope you'll take time to tell us your thoughts.

You don't need to share more than 2-3 sentences per question, and in any case, please limit each of your responses to a paragraph at most.

Concrete, specific answers are most appreciated; vague, general observations are less useful :)

Please put each response as a new "bullet" in order to keep things readable.

"+1's" are of course most welcome.

1) In your opinion, what would be the most important things for the *Tor Project as a whole* to achieve at this event?

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  • ...
  • Create a new sense of community that includes everyone shaping Tor: volunteers, project leads, administrative personnel, developers, etc. -Sebastian (+1 wseltzer, sysrqb)
  • Get back more into that space where everybody has a shared stake in Tor's mission, and feels that they're all not just a part of our movement, but all helping to lead it. (We here are the vanguard for the other 50000 members of the Tor project.) -Roger (+1 from saint, naif, sysrqb)
  • Now with Katie/Isabela/Tom in the game identify which bottlenecks they help resolve, and which bottlenecks still exist and how to plug them. - asn
  • Identify areas of shared mission and common goals to refocus on what it is that we care about and are trying to do. - nickm (+1 wseltzer)
  • Recognize achievements and talents from everyone throughout the organization. - nickm (+1 Katie) (+1 Isabela)
  • Build an understanding of how diversity serves the group. We need some bedrock common values--and should not compromise them--but don't have to be in lock step otherwise. -Katie
  • How can we support each other, given that we don't work near each other and there are communication obstacles, among other things? What structures and practices would help this along? I recognize that some divisions are deep and complex. But some of the communication tools we use are unhelpful. Katie
  • Work hard to not only integrate the new people, but to make sure that their skills are utilized well to prevent future bottlenecks. - saint
  • Reconnect with each other outside of computers. -Andrew
  • Come to consensus on our mission and how to achieve it. -Andrew (+1 naif, sysrqb)
  • Identify areas core to Tor's role in serving our shared mission (What do we need to do here, vs what gets done elsewhere) -wseltzer
  • build a map of the larger network of Tor partners orgs, who are contributing code, research, building on Tor, training, marketing, etc.... Who is all in the larger Tor collective and how do we better coordinate and take advantage of that? +nathan

2) What do you *personally* want to get out of the event? Phrased differently, what will make your time feel well spent, and what outcomes will be most beneficial to you and the work you are doing? Specific and concrete answers are most appreciated here.

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  • Do a lot of brainstorming/hacking during the day, getting drunked having a lot of fun during the night. -naif (+1 from saint)
  • Get everybody connected (or re-connected) to Katie, Karen, and Isabela, so I don't have to keep doing (or more like it, failing to do) pale imitations of their jobs. We've got great people devoted to important things -- let's give them the support they need to succeed! -Roger
  • Have everybody leave the meeting happier, more inspired, more oriented in their goals, and better prepared to achieve them than they arrived. - nickm (+1 sysrqb,Paul)
  • Dig through technical issues we've deferred over the years as "too hard" or "too confusing", and see which if any we should revisit, and make progress on those. -nickm (+1 sysrqb,Paul)
  • Everyone is productive, met their goals for the meeting, and has a clear set of next steps to accomplish until the next company meeting. -Andrew
  • Meet Tor people, have lots of individual coffee meetings to say hi and offer media skills training to individuals where people are interested. --Katie (+Isabela)
  • Learn what people want me to learn--I appreciate friendly advice and direction and have much to learn about many things. --Katie
  • Work strategically with the Board, as one component of the broader Tor community. -wseltzer
  • Discuss on the open research topics related to Tor: learn from research conducted by others, have feedback about my own research and come up with new ideas. - mjuarez
  • Learn how is the routine of development for the sponsored projects (i.e. if there are weekly meetings, when are they etc / in order for me to know how I can help make it better for the developers) - Isabela
  • I want to spend time with all the people doing mobile and pluggable transport, and dream some big plans +nathan
  • Figuring out where I can best help - sysrqb
  • Making the Tor Project resilient to existential threat, especially threats to community. -Paul

3) What specific topics do you want to make sure are addressed in the agenda? Are there particular experiences, knowledge or perspectives you want to contribute to the proceedings?

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  • ...
  • Improve the relationship with dirauth ops/don't lightly tack on more responsibilities/increase participation/set minimum standards or expectations? -Sebastian
  • How is conflict resolution handled on an organizational level? -Sebastian
  • Concretely discuss the relevance of Tor Integration in third party application as a strategic project goal (topic: Tor as a library) to drastically increase the amount of applications that natively, by default, support "Anonymity as a feature" -naif
  • Future of hidden services. Future of SponsorR and other funding avenues. Crowdfunding campaign? - asn (+1 sysrqb,Paul)
  • Crowdfunding; decision-making processes; stress management and supportiveness. -nickm
  • Project management / I would love to get a feeling on how people feels about this draft I found in the wiki: -- Isabela
  • mobile, mobile, mobile! (Guess who!)
  • Discuss how we might turn the Tor ecosystem of software and hardware projects into a coherent+tightly integrated platform (ie Tor Router configures+audits Tails/Tor Browser/Orbot; The Autonomy Cube acts as a persistent storage and device config+data sync server; a "TorBook" open hardware laptop product as a secure Tails-based laptop; a Tor Phone/Tablet with open hardware; etc). - mikeperry (+1 sysrqb)
  • Given the various elephants in the room, how do we, both as a group and pair-wise, overcome/solve the existing challenges and continue producing life-saving software. (similar but slightly different from conflict resolution) - sysrqb
  • Which hats can Roger/Andrew/Nick/<insert name> delegate and how can this be done successfully such that more people are happier? - sysrqb
  • Countering a pervasive (mostly) passive adversary: Adversary model, low hanging fruit, higher fruit, funding, effective partnering with similar efforts -Paul

4) Do you have any other questions or concerns about the event?

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  • Not everyone in our group is super outgoing and some activities can be intimidating. We should respect that. -Sebastian (+1) (Katie +1)
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