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Feedback to CTF organizers:

First we would like to thank the CTF organizers for their amazing hospitality and event. The impact of such effort is more than it can be described in a few words, as during the CTF in Valencia many plans were drafted and the results of this work are yet to be seen.

For us from Tor, that week was very significant as most of us never meet face to face, some was their first time meeting the community. Our Two days of closed conference was super productive, the Library was an amazing space and we all loved. Your support during the day bringing us caffeine and food helped us stay focus and go through our long list of things that we had to discuss. You can browse notes of those amazing discussions here:

Through out the week we continue with the rest of the people from the conference, participating on workshops, having discussions, enjoying some f2f time and the simple pleasure of being able to work together in the same room (which allows you to do so much more and faster). So many projects from the Tor ecosystem benefited from that conference that is impossible to say it in just a few paragraphs. For that, we created a wiki page and will add the different feedback we get from the community.


Tom Ritter:

Taking a week off to focus on just this stuff was critical for me - I wouldn't have found time to do any of the following had I not. The site (which helps monitor the operation of the Tor Network) received several useful pieces of feedback from the people who actually use it, and was able to be improved during that week. A feature that will enable traffic analysis resistance (when it's used anyway) was documented, presented to the TLS 1.3 working group, and seems to be accepted. An architecture for Certificate Transparency Gossip was developed and documented, for presenting to the IETF working group. This is a critical item, as it is extremely difficult to do this in a way that protects users privacy. The Upgrade-Insecure-Resources to HTTPS was reviewed and improved. (More by dkg and Peter Eckersley than me) I installed pond. And wrote a patch. (Still needs testing though.)