This session ended up being more a brainstorm on how Tor Project could help people who are or wants to work on projects that are not necessary part of any official sponsor request but that are involved with Tor i.e. things that would help clients connect to Tor and help expand our ecosystem.

We came up with a flow where Tor Project would give the support for the people to request the funds themselves. Of course this can be super hard if you don't know who to ask or how to write a grant proposal, but if there was a flow where Tor Project could help them through the steps of doing such a thing it might help fund these projects.

Do it yourself funding (with Tor Project support!):

diy funding


This is just an idea.

Advisory Board - we would have to decide who would be part of it.

Guidelines - we still need to write the guidelines these proposals must fit so it's approved by the Advisory Board (i.e. is the project related to Tor somehow)

Grant review & feedback - we know Karen is quite busy already, maybe we could identify people in the community who has experience with grant proposals to help with this review/feedback part.

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