This is a brain dump and is incomplete. Please fix.

So there's 224, but there's also some things 224 doesn't address or doesn't address entirely:

  • Guard Attacks or something relating to Guards for HSs
  • Scalability for HSes
  • Fault Tolerance for HSes
  • Need for a consensus-agreed-upon random number (Commit and Reveal seems to be the leader for first implementation, and maybe someday we'll do the wicked complicated thing.)
  • PetNames, which is pretty far outside 224, and seems to be more logistically challenging than technically. The main logistical challenges as I see them being:
    • If TBB ships with some preseeded names, how are they chosen
    • How is learned state (petnames) persisted in TBB
  • One or two other things I don't remember?

Reliability was brought up but it seems HSes are, not counting an older bug in the code, pretty reliably.

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