THESE ARE JUST NOTES FROM AN UN-CONFERENCE FORMAT BRAINSTORMING SESSION. These are not official policy! Some of these ideas may never be implemented. If you are a journalist, please use press @ to ask questions!

Notes from Media--Around the World

Thanks for such great ideas! - Katie

  • History of anonymity--context!
  • Local Tor groups by language/region/…. (maybe) integrate with other (subject related) groups on a country/region/city
  • Regional/language point of contacts
  • Collaborations with researchers to spread results across community (eg writing Tor blog)
  • Better way to deal with bad press, internally affects morale. Externally .
  • List of good news articles on Tor.
  • Readymade multilingual copy for journalists.
  • Develop press and marketing strategy for terminology (eg, onionspace, private web, Dark web, hidden services).
  • Clear terminology for everyone

Hidden services? Dark web? Deep web? Privacy/security/free software/open source

  • What is the mechanism for collecting stories of positive outcomes for users?
  • “May induce democracy”

Text about human rights and Tor is included in news articles but in a tiny paragraph like a drug's side effects— We need to expand that section in news articles rather than the current fine print

  • Describe hidden services as a platform for new types of technology and communication mechanisms. Promote this potential.
  • Lack of interest in supporting those who are working with victims of domestic surveillance/domestic terrorism
  • Use the faces of individuals rather than categories of users Specific whistleblowers or activists or government users of Tor (a video of Snowden playing on the web site)
  • Feature celebrities who use and support Tor—-musicians!
  • Should we have a Facebook page?
  • Organize press reviews--crowdsource the process!
  • Make a list of good journalists for every country
  • “Media training” for developer-press interaction.
  • Hidden Service rebranding (+1)
  • Mailing list to receive press requests and let people self-promote to respond
  • Should reporters talk to other reporters about Tor usage? YES!
  • Coaching of when to respond and when to hold our tongues.
  • How to build image that will be transmitted to the masses. Is it going to be built through a consensus in the community?
  • Engage national/language specific advocate/press/pr for correspondent organizations like Mozilla and Wikimedia do—1 point person per area that people can call as a contact for the organization.
  • Market/advertise (government/business/NGO) outreach to organizations who would benefit from Tor
  • Deal with negative press internally
  • Barton Gellman user profile: “How I keep my sources safe"
  • Crash course in media relations for Tor people
  • Promote good use cases and Tor-related software
  • Good use “success case” contest
  • TV—change perception
  • Define taxonomy of bad/good press
  • Debunk “the anonymity of the internet”—anonymity is a good thing—stake that claim
  • Electronic journal for Tor (as for bitcoin)
  • Blog is great—more blog posts, more videos and podcasts
  • Tor should be framed as part of “wave of commonsense” movement rather than a “last stand” group of desperados (even if we really are)
  • Better pushing and contextualization of metrics
  • How does the press release process look like, now and in the future?
  • Can you help us support Tails with a bit of media coordination? YES
  • Proactive press
  • List of good press contacts in each country
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