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    v1 v1  
     2! Tor Mobile Development Kit Roadmap
     40-30 days
     5- gather all existing library impl and promote on a page "Tor isn't just an app, Tor is infrastructure for truly private cloud communications"
     6- Orbot v15 release and OONI iOS libight
     830-90 days
     9- define common API usage model
     10- Tor on Jolla/Sailfish device as daemon?
     11- TB "Mini" first release
     12- OONI Android
     1490-120 days
     15- start integrated library w/ device specific implementations
     16- move from "hack" to new clear modular, shared library approach (possibly... research if better to keep tor in own process)
     18120-180 days
     19- Tor Dev Kit 1.0 release
     20- research next-gen tor mobile optimizations
     22Who is our audience?
     23- Tech companies who need secure cloud infrastructure for device-to-device
     24- microsoft, google, apple
     26Empower device companies with a Tor daemon/service built-in available for devs to activate
     27- Jolla, CyanogenMOD, ??
     29Support existing "freedom" projects with the infrastructure they need
     30- OONI, ChatSecure, Onion Browser, Courier, Briar, and beyond
     32What does Tor Dev Kit look like?
     33- cross platform API that wraps control port
     34- platform-specific implementation for each device, context
     35- docs, design info, best practices for developers
     36- support for platforms and frameworks like phonegap (web app platforms)
     37- prebuilt binaries / aars/ gradle for devs who trust us to build tor from source
     38- widgets/UI configurators to make integration with app easier
     39- support for PLUTO (pluggable transports library/manager)
     41Little-t tor next-gen mobile research needs
     42- reduce data usage of clients and HSes
     43- optimize for non-x86 architectures or mobile arch/cpu specific capabilities
     44- crypto tuning for mobile device hardware capabilities
     45- resiliency to network outtage, latency, switching
     46- support multipath TCP?? TCP keep alive between different networks, or Tor UDP, etc