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    2727 - /projects/tor/wiki/doc/GoodBadISPs
    2828 - /projects/tor/wiki/doc/TorifyHOWTO/InstantMessaging
     30== Action list ==
     31 - Go through most used websites, see if the English is updated
     32 - Link to external resources like relay guide if their stuff is better
     33 - Make sure external information is preserved (encourage them to use git, etc)
     34 - Contribute to Tor Weekly News
     35 - Solicit translation help on Twitter, etc - can we get dedicated translators for TWN for example?
     36 - Allow people to set up tor-talk equivalent lists in other languages
     37 - FAQ-related stuff:
     38   - Remove outdated entries, consider splitting into smaller parts or consolidating
     39   - aks local lawyers for help with a legal FAQ? Important: language != country
     40   - Update the Tor overview site
     41 - Migrate wiki content to the static website, make sure old content doesn't get duplicated
     42 - Syndicate blog posts/tweets/etc to more social media platforms
     43 - Translate the Tor animation into up to 10 more languages (some funding is available)
     44 - get static pages of the blog onto the website automatically for mirroring
     46== Other stuff ==
     47We currently mirror the website and dist, which works well. We shouldn't mirror more different things, rather integrate them into the website if they need mirroring.
     48We could consider translating key blog posts on a on-demand basis and distribute them through language-specific communication channels.
     49Eventually we might want to move away from wml to facilitate easier translations with tools like transifex. In the meantime, we should invest in teaching a maintainer per language the way to use wml with git and the auto-builder.