We watched five user-interaction videos from the 2015 UX sprint. Here are the videos:

Source code and resources we used in the study:

git clone

Ideas for future research:

  • Test the automatic updater (maybe prepare a special browser that does not display the update notice until some minutes have elapsed).
  • Simulate a hostile network. SSL man in the middle, for example, or a firewall requiring pluggable transports.
  • First-time user guide accessible from the download page. Some users looked on the download page for help with the OS X Gatekeeper issue. Library Freedom Project volunteered to prepare such guides for testing.
  • A user manual included at the top level of the installation bundle. Test different formats? HTML is nice, but might cause users to think they are using Tor Browser when they are not, especially if they start following links, for example to PDF is probably easily viewable by everyone. Could prototype with just a section on bridge configuration, English-only.

Library Freedom Project also volunteered to do usability tests as part of training.

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