THESE ARE JUST NOTES FROM AN UN-CONFERENCE FORMAT BRAINSTORMING SESSION. These are not official policy! Some of these ideas may never be implemented. If you are a journalist, please use press @ to ask questions!

The following are Post-it note contents:

Need a bounty program

Yearly donations campaigns, Wikipedia style? On website, in Tor browser.

Get orgs like Mozilla, Wikimedia to fund Tor (to help with their goals)

Karen needs advance warning about what project you want her to pitch.

Are we permitted (as a 501(c)3) to lobby foreign governments?

Re: maintenance - should we *publicly* shut down projects like Weather, Cloud, and let the world know they need a new sponsor?

Many governments require full-time attention for years before they'll fund us

Algorithm for dealing with funding proposals (who to write, what, when, what happens if /dev/null ?

Which crowdfunding to do first? Small? Large? Scope? (Make sure we succeed on the first one)

Can we just crank up our overheads rates to have more non-directed money?

A lot of money in the VPN/anonymizer crowd.

"Why are there not five Karens?" (Where do we find other good ones?)

Swag. Posters, stickers, hand written thank-you notes. (Requires staff)

"Have you thought about charging for downloads?"

EU funding is totally compatible with US funding, yes, Need local partner?

Help desk gets asked how to donate - or even whether we need it!

What else (besides Tor) needs funding? Exit relays? Advocates?

"The onion bucket challenge"

We need to tell the world that we want donations. (they don't know!)

Small donations, individual wealthy donors the best kind of money. But we still need to tell them what we did.

Gunner-facilitated event with Wikipedia and anonymous credential researchers to handle abuse

What's the right way to tell Karen your idea? Email? Weekly IRC meeting? Other?

Funders give us broad categories they care about, not mandate specific tasks.

"Search" industry terrified of adblock-style blocking (vs. filtering)

Collect money for endowment. From whom?

Having partner organizations collect money for Tor also

Commercial products - Tor router, etc.

All types of money require work - reporting, galas, etc.

Crowdfunding is good; we must not get distracted by minutia.

What money is bad?

Need to grow community of wealthy donors who support Tor

Asking Tor Browser users for donation during new release is good timing

"New shiny object" syndrome. Maintenance is not sexy.

Many radical people exist and see how the world is going bad. Find some!

Potential donors worry about our "military" money

"I sent Karen my ideas and never heard back"

Are we talking only to employees/contractors, or to volunteers too?

What's the limiting factor? Finding a funder? Writing a proposal? Picking good things to do?

Proposal-writing process works better now that we use team leads

Mozilla not yet convinced that Tor is the right approach to privacy

Some people in the world assume that Tor has lots of money already

Funders worry we can't scale to spend more money

South American governments upset about surveillance, would fund Tor?

_ Timeline


Access to Tor's budget - March 2015

Make donate part of the download path (now ASAP)

Determine CRM categories - March 2015

Funding calendar (RFPs, due dates, funder meetings, conferences, etc.) - May 2015

Launch first crowdfunding campaign - May 2015

Roadmap for Tor as a whole and individual projects - June 2015

Media kit for potential funder meetings - July 2015

Fully populated CRM by 2016

50% non-USG funding by 2016

EIDHR consulting w/o consultants - mid-2016

Crowdfunding_ Crowdfunding

Successful campaigns have a video of someone speaking for the project - a human face on the project

We're not going to reach consensus on what specifically

How specific are we going to be?

What is the timeline?

How much is it going to be?



coderman wants to do a hardware thing - they are likely to do this with or without us.

We keep waiting for something better to come along.

What defines success?

We need to do technical stuff that lots of people will not understand in order to deliver something for end users.

Incentives don't have to be the product we're crowdfunding for.

Help desk? Save the help desk!

Survey users to find out what they want?


Next-gen hidden services are going to break the leaking platforms

Baby elephants

Snowden video?

Laura Poitras

Hashtag campaign/end users record videos.

Country-dependent tone (not all countries hate their cops)

User interaction - newsletters, answering questions, social media

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