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(Maybe) Interesting local info


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    147147 *   Dinner’s club: 902 401 112
     149= (Maybe) Interesting local info =
     151 * Valencia have two official languages: spanish and catalan (named as valencian). Official signals use to be in catalan or in both. Spaniards have (as a mean) quite a low level of english and almost null in other foreign languages. Grab a dictionary or a phrase book!
     153 * The place (Las Naves) is near the harbour of the city. No tram/metro immediately near (which is the best way of moving around Valencia) but Francesc Cubells tram station is reasonably near (10min by foot). Tram and Metro are one connected network, and can be used jointly with bus.
     155 * Local currency is Euro. There are not a lot of places for making currency exchange on streets, so you should either a) change enough currency at home for initial expenses and then be careful and use bank exchange services in their (short) open hours, or b) use a credit card as much as you can, both for paying and ATM retrieval, and pay the commisions. Please note that banks only accept bank notes, no coins, and may have problems accepting foreing currencies beyond the most common ones (US dollar, pound sterling). You should also be able to change at the airport, with is commision (which uses to be high).
     157 * Visa and Mastercard are commonplace in Spain. American Express is not accepted in many street-level places (high fees against the place, so they refuse), and Diners Club is almost unheard of.
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