Session Ideas

Tor Browser Sandboxing -- Yawning (There's probably someone better)

Tor Browser Patch Uplift Update/Future -- Huseby

Outreach to users and contributors in the Global South (and an overall diversity improvement plan, perhaps with unconscious bias training -- Alison

Let's envision a better support desk/portal -- Alison (happy to contribute from Access Now Helpline perspective -- Michael)

Let's organize the Tor wiki and other messy documentation -- Alison

What do you want from your Community Council? -- Alison

Make txtorcon better: tell me what you need -- meejah

Sick of how trac sucks to give you info about basic questions e.g. what is the total points I have assigned for myself for the month? We will create a list of scripts we would like to have to answer questions like this or automate routine tasks we have to do on Trac for dev teams. -- isabela (ps1: once the list is done we will advertise that for each script created the person will get a bonbon!!!! ps2: code should be on a git repo so its easy for anyone to use)

current status and goals for completing the code of conduct -- Alison

Design Guidelines and what's next? -- isabela

How to engage ooniprobe users in the most ethical way possible (i.e. how to improve OONI's "informed consent" documentation and procedures) & how to develop a methodology for risk assessment -- Maria Xynou

How to improve OONI's (new) Partnership Program -- Maria Xynou

Write emails like in 1995 and make your fellow geeks happy -- Lunar

Strategizing for end-of-year fundraising campaign (last year was "This is What a Tor Supporter Looks Like". what is this year? -- Shari

Finalize cross-project security response policy -- nickm

Improve our grant-writing process to involve fewer surprises -- nickm

Make sure our 030 plans go more smoothly than 029 -- nickm

Core Tor (daemon) features: what are our long-term priorities? (feel free to add topics)

  • How are the fallback directories working? Do they help users? Do we need to tweak anything? -- teor
  • Do we care about IPv6 Tor client support, or are IPv6 bridges enough? (It worked for a while in 0.2.8, but it doesn't work in the latest release) -- teor
  • Whatever happened to consensus diffs? Do they still provide enough benefit? Should they be in a separate process from tor? -- teor

Launch plan for Tor Labs (no really this time for real) -- Mike Perry

I have all these grants that I'm performing nearly single-handedly, so other people can be funded to do real Tor stuff. How can we move towards making that better? It feels like we've moved farther from having people who can fill in as research director, not closer. -- Roger

In the past we made lists of open spots where we need to hire somebody. Is this the perfect time to make an up-to-date list for Shari, and we can actually get some of them? -- Roger

  • Does Core Tor (daemon) need a dedicated tester? -- teor

I'd like to leave Seattle with a list of metrics-related needs that other teams have that we might be able to fit into the MOSS award (Jul '16-Jun '17). -- Karsten

I'd want to learn about/discuss UX plans re: Tor subproject websites. -- Karsten

Can we have a discussion about volunteers and how to integrate them into the work we're doing without getting into the trap of over-spending energy on them without getting much back? -- Karsten

Making sense of Tor Metrics: Bring your typical Tor Metrics questions, and we'll tell you where to find answers on the Tor Metrics website, or why it doesn't have the answer you're looking for. -- Karsten

What do you want to know about how the Tor network is used? What do privacy concerns prevent you measuring? -- teor

Skill exchange on how to pitch Tor to various audiences -- Lunar

Supporting anonymous donations by shipping GNU Taler in Tor Browser? -- Lunar

What do we want to see on Twitter and other social media published as Tor? -- Lunar (although this probably can only work with Kate onboard)

What is the Tor Project Org's role in the ecosystem of projects that rely on it? (How do projects become Tor Project Projects, what support or services are provided to them and could be provided to the larger ecosystem, etc) -- Michael (I'm sure there's someone better for this)

Collaboration between OONI (and others) with the Rapid Response Program ( -- Isabela

What do we want chutney to be able to do in 2017? (What are core tor's integration test needs?) -- teor

Clone of Tor Launcher for system tor (GUI for users using system tor to select pluggable transports, useful in contexts like Tails, Qubes, Subgraph, Whonix, etc.) [existing work:] -- Michael

Tor Cloud: worth existing again or ought to be kept dead? (past efforts:, -- Michael (I'm sure there's someone better for this)

Status reports: Very few people write monthly status reports. Why? Are they useless? I'd personally like to see status reports from more core-tor people, as most of the time I have no idea what they worked on. -- asn

Next Gen Hidden service implementation plan retrospective & update -- asn

Implementation of new guard algorithms: discussion -- asn

Naming systems & Next Gen HSes? How to move this forward -- asn

Let's figure out how to keep a full pipeline of things to put into proposals -- nickm

We should manage our project infosec rather than just letting it happen. A budget might help? -- nickm

We should manage our project infosec rather than just letting it happen. -- nickm

Let's improve and approve a software security policy! -- nickm

Technical position hiring processes -- Mike

Missing/disperely held roles in Tor: What else do we need to hire for? (What are recurring Tor meeting topics with no owner/progress) -- Mike

Deciding priorities for partnerships -- Mike

Does HR work also include caring about volunteers? -- Lunar (would require Erin)

OONI & Bridge reachability measurements: How to move this forward? -- Vasilis

OONI Community revamp -- Vasilis

Tor Browser Fingerprinting & Mitigation -- Bill

Let's talk about alienation of the valuable members of the community

Making sure contributors get equal recognition for their work OR How to avoid having 2nd or 3rd class contributors

Testing censorship circumvention tools and other apps on mobile platform and adding capabilities to existing software (via MeasurementKit for example) -- Arturo/Simone

What would you like from the OONI API and what minimised datasets would be most useful to you (that is pre-analysed, non raw data) -- Arturo

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