Grant Making Session:

Questions to think about:

  1. What are things that need to be funded?
  2. What is the current Grant Process

What needs to be funded is an ongoing thing… there should be a process to share your ideas -not basing our actions on funding -the best sort of grants are flexible -it is hard to find people to actually commit

Current Process -We need to be apart of the funding club ( the big funders, we need access to be in that room and get an idea of what sort of projects they are funding) -looking into funding from foundations -Setting up an efficient process -Looking at developers as a key player of the funding process -not promising funders things that engineers don’t have the capacity to do -being super intuitive in regards to grant applications

Next steps (advise given) -Looking at trends and moving from technical tools to technical programs -Looking at professional processes of development -Getting funding for the entire process ( including design and user research) -Having a one or two pager which shares the projects currently being done (essentially the sexy projects) -Looking into Policy and Outreach in regards to building programs -Collaborate with other orgs such as Access Now -Pursuing year long grants vs quarterly grants -Looking into geo-political funding especially with Rapid Response Program

Getting Tor staff to pitch projects: -If people have ideas there should be a process to share that idea, and a way to figure out how it can get funding -Having a quarterly pitch or even at Tor Meetings in person having the time allocated to share pitches -If people don’t want to share a pitch physically… having a pathway for folks to share online

Creating a map -With all the projects and all the milestones including what needs to be funded and the sort of support that is needed

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