Growing Tor

What can we do to facilitate the growth of our user base? How do we increase the rate of user acquisition and retention?

From Arthur's notes:

  • We should work on improving the download page. We can do A/B testing, but we need to consider how to do privacy-preserving metrics.
  • Karsten is doing highly relevant work on measuring website visits and downloads.
  • Let's talk to expers on growth at other companies who have successfully scaled up, such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, MoveOn, SumOfUs.
  • We can produce an organizations' guide to setting up onion services, along the lines of Alec Muffett's work.
  • Share buttons (Twitter/Facebook) on Tor Browser. It's important to make sure the buttons aren't violating privacy!
  • We should create ready-to-use banners (with embed code) to make it easy for people to promote Tor. Maybe we can gamify Tor promotion? Produce a leaderboard or badges to show who are the best Tor promoters.
  • Create scripts that allow super-easy setup of various kinds of onion services. Integrate with Let's Encrypt?

We also discussed how to work on education and promoting Tor's values:

Open questions:

  • Onion services are perhaps the least understood by the public
    • How do we promote and facilitate "legitimiate" use cases of onion services?
    • Can we post a simple online refutation of myths about onion services?
  • It's hard to get real "users" to talk to reporters about Tor. How do we do this?
  • We should do more to develop and promote educational resources for Tor teachers and trainers.
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