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     1=== Application of Onion Services ===
     3- Next-generation onion services needed to recommend their wide use
     4  - weak keys (1024-bit RSA)
     5  - short names in onion addresses
     7- Scalability important to understand and improve to enable wide use
     8  - Internet of Things could mean millions of devices, will onion services scale to this number?
     9  - Ephemeral onion services could require a large number of onion services that are fast to set up and access
     10    - peer-to-peer connections for messaging or file sharing
     11    - e.g. [[|Magic Wormhole]]
     12  - Anonymous distributed systems (e.g. [[|Onion Grid]])
     14- Internet of Things devices promising application
     15  - Devices could onion services to provide self-authentication (no Certificate Authorities), NAT punching, and client authentication. Note server anonymity not needed (client anonymity not a major goal either).
     16  - [[|NetGain]] could potentially fund this kind of development
     17  - If anonymity is truly not desired, why does IoT need Tor at all?
     19- Onion services difficult to set up currently, making this easier would help adoption
     20  - Tor could provide authoritative guides to setting up secure onion services, including Tor configuration, OS configuration, server configuration, etc.
     21  - Make a “Tor Server Bundle” analogous to the Tor Browser Bundle to enable simple, safe setup
     22    - Docker image, VM?
     23    - Useful configuration include web server and SSH server
     24  - Debugging and logging could be made more understandable at the INFO/WARNING levels to help onion-service operators figure with troubleshooting
     26- Websites over Tor (aka onionsite access)
     27  - Potential application to existing websites that can make themselves available as onion services
     28  - Firefox add-on updates