Support Portal meeting

Session notes

  • The goal is to model the Tor support portal after the Twitter support portal (
  • Isa worked closely with the Twitter team that made that portal and will advise us on what Twitter did.
  • Original support portal will be flat HTML (non-interactive)
  • Search feature is desired, duckduckgo might be able to help
  • We will pull content from the old help-desk templates
  • We will pull content from stackexchange
  • We will create new content based on the support emails that execdir continues to receive
  • We will build a glossary of Tor terms that will supplement the manual and FAQ
  • Many FAQ entries will link back to the user manual
  • We will use Transifex for multi-lingual support
  • We will work with other teams when building this, namely applications and ux
  • Outcomes
    • simple searchable interface
    • lessen the need for a human-staffed support desk
    • make it easier for new users to open tickets for needs not addressed in the portal (actual bugs and usability fixes)
  • Open questions
    • Can we get DuckDuckGo to create the search interface?
    • What is the timeline for this project? (note: we hope to have one in place by the end of 2016)
    • How should we handle support for Tor-related apps, eg Orbot, Ricochet, and Tails?
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