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A meeting of the core Tor team, developers, volunteers and invited guests in Seattle, WA, USA, to discuss plans, milestones, deadlines, and other important matters.

Week at a glance

  • Sun, Sep 25th afternoon and evening: Social event where we interact with each other as human beings rather than as developers or coworkers.

If you have ideas on what this event should be, tell us!

  • Mon, Sep 26th 10:00 - 18:00: Plans coming soon!
  • Tue, Sep 27th 10:00 - 18:00: Gunner-style breakout sessions. Planning and prioritizing and getting on the same page about things.
  • Wed, Sep 28th 10:00 - 18:00: Plans coming soon!
  • Thu, Sep 29th 10:00 - 18:00: Plans coming soon!
  • Fri, Sep 30th 10:00 - 18:00: Plans coming soon!

Are there going to be hackfests on the Saturday / Sunday?


AXIS Pioneer Sqaure.


Seatac is the international airport that you'll likely be using if you're coming from afar. Domestically, it is a hub for Alaska and Delta, and internationally there is regular service to Western Europe and Asia.

The airport code for flight booking is 'SEA'

Taxis from the Airport into Seattle can be ~$60, and ride services (uber, lyft, etc.) are now allowed to pick up passengers at the airport. Driving will take ~25-30 minutes to downtown except for at rush-hour when it will take longer.

The Link Light Rail runs every 5-10 minutes from the airport to downtown at a cost of $3 taking you to walking distance from the event venue. The train will take ~45 minutes to downtown, and runs from 5am until midnight.


We currently have a room block reserved for the dates 09/25/16-10/1/16 at the Executive Hotel Pacific. If you would like to be added to the room block please let us know asap. Email us at: travel@tpo


If you want to tell people that you're going or not going, please add yourself to this table:

Person Attending Arriving Departing Have lodging sorted out Mark this column if you want a room in the hotel block
David Stainton N
meejah Y 26th? * 30th Y N
Georg N
Tom Ritter N
Nick M Y Sep 25/(24?) Oct 1 N Yes.
Roger Y Sep 24 Oct 1 N Yes
Damian Y n/a n/a Y local
Yawning Y Y No
Huseby (Mozilla) Y Sep 25 Sep 29 Y (former) local, crashing with fam/friends
Rob Jansen Y Sep 25 Oct 1 Y No
mo Y unsure unsure N Maybe
Arthur E. Y ? ? N Maybe
Linus Y ? ? N Y
Aaron Johnson Y Sep 25 Oct 1 Y N
jessfraz Y ? ? Y N
teor Y Sep 22 Oct 3 N Y (Sep 22 - Oct 3)
shari Y local local Y N
iang Y Sep 23 Oct 1 N Y (from Sep 25)
Philipp Winter N
dgoulet Y Sep 24 Oct 3 N Y
mrphs Y ? ? N Y
Nathan aka n8fr8 Y ? ? N Y
DrWhax N
sukhe Y ? ? N maybe
george Y ? ? N N
alison Y Sept 25 Oct 1 N N
linda Y ? ? N Y
phoul Y Sept 25 Oct 1 Y Y
qbi Y Sep 25 Sep 30 N Y
Ethan Tseng (Mozilla) Y Sep 25 Oct 1 N Y (single)
Yoshi Huang (Mozilla) Y Sep 25 Oct 1 N Y (single)
Jonathan Hao (Mozilla) Y Sep 25 Oct 1 N Y (single)
Tim Huang (Mozilla) Y Sep 25 Oct 1 N Y (single)
Aaron Wu (Mozilla) Y Sep 25 Oct 1 N Y (single)
nickcalyx Y Sep 25 Oct 1 N Y (single)
dkg Y Sep 25 Oct 2 Y N
isabela Y Sep 24 Oct 1 N Y
Sina Rabbani (Team Cymru) Y Sep 25 ? N N
Erin Wyatt Y Sep 25 Oct 1 Y N
ilv Y Sep 25 Oct 1 N Y
biella Y Sep 27 Oct 2 no Maybe (but only for 27, 28 and 29)
Julius Y Sep 25 Oct 2 no yes
Chelsea Komlo Y Sep 25 Oct 2 no Maybe
Sue Gardner Y 7PM Sep 26 Oct 1 N Y please, 26-30, single
Arturo Y Sep 25 Oct 1 N Y
Maria Y Sep 25 Oct 1 N Y
Fan Jiang Y Sep 25 Oct 1 N Y
Paul Syverson Y Sep 25 Oct 1 Y N
Jen Helsby (Freedom of Press) Y ? ? N Maybe
Noah Vesely (Freedom of Press) Y ? ? N Maybe
boklm Y ? ? N Y
karsten Y ? ? N Y
Lunar Y Sep 25 Oct 5 N Y
Vasilis Y Sep 25 Oct 5 N Y
brade N
mcs Y ? ? N Y
mtigas Y Sep 24 Sep 28 N Y (only for 25-28; single)

[*] - depends on weather, I'm sailing to Seattle.


If you plan on attending the "meet and greet" dinner on Sunday, September 25th, please add yourself to this table:

Person Attending
meejah hopefully
Jon Selon Y
Nick Mathewson Y
Aaron Johnson Y
teor Y
shari Y
Roger Y
dgoulet Y
mrphs Y
sukhe Y
george Y
alison Y
linda Y
phoul Y
qbi Y
Ethan Tseng (Mozilla) Y
Yoshi Huang (Mozilla) Y
Jonathan Hao (Mozilla) Y
Tim Huang (Mozilla) Y
Aaron Wu (Mozilla) Y
isabela Y
Sina Rabbani (Team Cymru) Y
Erin Wyatt Y
nickcalyx Y
Julius Y
Chelsea Komlo Y
iang Y
kat Y
Arturo Y
Maria Y
Paul Syverson Y
boklm Y
Lunar Y
Vasilis Y

Coordination mailing list

Subscribe to the tor-meeting mailing list to keep informed about plans.

Outcomes and Session ideas

Put your ideas for outcomes and sessions here:


Session Notes

Local Medical Resources

Emergency number: 911. Non-Emergency police contact: (206)-625-5011

Interesting local stuff

  • TheStranger, a local alternative newspaper maintains a list of "things to do" each week.
  • WikiVoyage has a good overview of the main points of tourism in the area.
  • Elysian Fields Brewery good beer, plus a great place to hang out.
  • The Lodge Bar more good beer, plus a great place to hang out.
  • Authentic Bavarian Oktoberfest you can take the train from Seattle to Leavenworth for this. Book early, super popular. Amtrak train leaves King Street Station Seattle on 9/30 at 4:40pm, arrives in Leavenworth at 8:00pm. Amtrak train leaves Leavenworth on 10/3 at 6:08pm, arrives back in Seattle at 10:25am.
  • Scuba diving (dry suit)?
  • If you are interested in doing the tourist thing, the Seattle City Pass is a pretty good deal. It covers the top 5 Seattle attractions.

Local Things Wanted

  • meejah is interesting in any cycling opportunities (but: I will not have a bike there, so rental/borrow suggestions welcome)

Craft Beer

  • Out of control... Welcome to Beervana everyone!
  • meejah likes craft beer: specific suggestions?