What do we need to achieve, decide or produce at the March 2016 Tor Dev meeting?

  • Vegas Teams retrospectives - compare what we discussed last meeting and what we did to improve it and what we should be doing to improve it even more (Isa will coordinate prep work for it with the teams)
  • Dev Teams roadmaps for the next ~6 months (last meeting roadmaps) (Isa will coordinate prep work for it with the teams)
  • 0.2.9 Triage

What are sessions you want to see on the agenda?

  • Best practices for remote teams, that would actually help Tor people
  • Media skills practice
  • Automated Scanners & the CloudFlare problem: Discuss methods, techniques and possible approach to mitigate this issue up to an acceptable/reasonable level (naif)
  • Will be the first round of voting for the Iranian parliamentary and assembly of experts elections on February 26, which typically mean Tor disruption. So potentially an opportunity to learn more about what happened and apply measurement for the purpose of "quality assurance."
  • Trustworthiness of Tor Relay operators: How to differentiate trust, better identify trustable operators (idea of SMS + Email verification on tor-talk). (naif - moritz - paul)
  • Follow-up on the membership process
  • Plan the next dev meetings
  • WebRTC pluggable transport doc/Snowflake (serene, arlo, dcf)
  • Tor Launcher UX research: discuss/summarize/evangelize/brainstorm ongoing work at doc/TorLauncherUX2016. Outcomes of live-user testing. Perhaps pilot a redesigned interface with meeting attendees. (lnl, dcf)
  • Tor on Mobile
  • Analytics Server introduction
  • Process for hiring new employees and contractors
  • Lessons from our first crowdfunding campaign
  • Tor Browser on armhf
  • Key Signing Party
  • Evaluate uBlock Origin see
  • Automatic Onionification of existing websites
  • Tor IPv6 Roadmap - Review Progress, Set Goals (teor)
  • Tor over poor Internet connections - improving access
  • 027 and 028 retrospective - we hope that this session will help us improve the Tor team's release/ticket planning process (Isa will coordinate prep work the team)
  • Figuring out what each team wants to be doing 12/24 months from now, so we can start looking for funding for it today Why not try to move away from restricted grants?
  • How to encourage enthusiastic contributors towards productive tasks (or, "avoiding help that isn't actually helping")
  • Getting Tor in censored countries - Current UX and creating censorship resistant mirrors for multiple languages
  • Mini-session on setting up meek infrastructure (e.g. configuring a CDN). The goals are twofold: teach people who want to know how, and produce good written documentation to help others do it.
  • Measuring the user path - we want to find safe ways we can measure the user path to be able to tell if changes applied to the user experience have improved the completion of the path or not. (Isa facilitating)
  • Ed25519 relay key transition: do we need a new link protocol that proves Ed keys are at an IP:Port?
  • Session to talk about a UX style guide for Tor (Ame, Simply Secure)
  • UX team meeting: objectives, organization, how do we operate with dev teams, etc.
  • Hack Let's Encrypt to support .onion
  • How can we get patches reviewed on a timely basis? [isa and nick] [ref: subsystem discussion]
  • Network team exercise to see where each team member is putting their efforts. The goal is to identify who is stretch too fin, and in where. And also identify areas we need more support. (isa coordinating)
  • What to do with hardened Tor Browser builds after
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