Around the Tor world: crowdfunding campaign

Looking at the visualization of donations per day via PayPal: useful to understand when people donated.

Nov 25, 2015: launch of the campaign. First champion presented, Laura Poitras: high spike.

Then down for a few days, then Roger is presented as the next champion as influences another peak.

Mid-December: banner added to the Tor homepage, new peak.

End of December: big peak. End of the year (because of tax) + Snowden as champion.

January: down, until the 13 when we said that we were close to the 2 houndred thousand goal and than influenced a new peak.

PayPal donation by type: most people went for one time donation instead of subscription.

100 USD was the most successful suggested amount (package with t-shirt).

Karsten should share a document with nice graphics.

this is a graph of crowdfunding campaign. cannot answer reasons why things were done. received data 2-3 weeks ago, received task of making sense of the data, to figure out what worked well, what didnt

quick overview of what happened with the campaign
late november to mid january
(analysis of donation amount/date graph)
daily donations by paypal, before the campaign (in gray), after the campaign (in gray)
first spike from roger, saying you should donate to tor, which raised > $10k/day briefly (nov 25), spike again at dec (02) when roger gave more technical reasons to donate
tor browser displayed a banner mid december, and tor homepage, spiked donations again, mainly have to guess what factors were from timing.
end of december, another spike of donations, around the time of CCC congress, on the 29th and edward snowden was champion suggesting a donation to tor, $12k/day, at end of december
13th of january, kate tweeted, only $2k short of reaching $200k goal, another spike. overall, over $200k.

analysis of amount*frequencies of donation
tshirt - 538 * 100,

questions - could put this into mobile?
questions - do the trend of bitcoin donations match paypal donations

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