• Search engine optimization of some sort should be carried out so that instructions to use GetTor are presented in the search results.
  • We should work on a localized explanation of how GetTor works in multiple languages.
  • In addition to the existing providers, use GitLab and Amazon for hosting the bundles.
    • GitLab is easy, Amazon requires a credit card linked to their account. How do we set that up?
  • Links to the GetTor service should be put up on so that users know that the service is run by us and is "authentic".
  • There are many websites that are hosting outdated or possibly malicious Tor Browser bundles. We should get in touch with them (the top results maybe?) and point them politely to the latest bundles.
  • Searching for "Tor Browser" returns results for Orbot which is hosted on Google Play. We should add instructions for GetTor access (among others) in the description section.
  • Should we send the link to the GitHub landing page by default as part of the email replies?
  • It was suggested to make use of Telegram bots to send out bundles/bundle links.
    • Up for debate as some people had issues with using Telegram.

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