Internal information

Tor Weekly News

TWN is a key tool to have a big picture of what's going on. It should almost be mandatory to read. Volunteers used to take care but stopped doing it, it's be revived lately. We'll always need humans to curate them.

Automated dashboard

At the Guardian project, they use the blog feature of Redmine to publish news by projects that end up aggregated on the Redmine homepage.
It's useful to have like a dashboard of what's going on in real-time.

As part of the redesign of the website we're considering having a section which would be more targetted to the contributors community. Maybe we can automate something around Trac to have an automated dashboard of the ongoing activity. This would be complementary to the human-curated weekly news.

Monthly reports

We should be better at writing other monthly reports and include all the info in there. Contractors are supposed to write reports but not all of them do so and there are no consequences if you don't. Some reports that would be very interesting to read are missing.

This can lead to invisible work or wondering whether someone is actually doing the work she's supposed to do as it's not made reported.

Actually, the contracts are so badly written that there are things in it that you cannot fulfill, and so this opens a precedent for missing on other obligations.

Some times ago, the format of the reports changed to only 5 highlights and 5 plans for the next month; this made them less interesting to read for some. For a short period, more people were sending it, but this didn't last long.

Nathan: I like the metrics in the meek report from David.

We should also be careful about the overhead in reports that we ask to people as we already write sponsor reports. And it's sometimes hard to get information for people to write collective reports (sponsor, teams, etc.).

We should also send the reports sent to funders to tor-reports.

From the top to the bottom

On one side, we lack of communication or personal contact with some of the board members that we rarely met. And the board is aware that they should communicate better about their meetings and agenda. And on the other side, the board doesn't always know what's going on in the community.

We need reports from the operational meeting and more transparency from the top to the bottom.

I could be interesting to share better the information about the budget: how budgets are allocated on the high and low level and communicate better about the growth and hiring strategy.


IRC meetings should be more attended, focused, and on time.

We could explain better how to use meetbot.

Contractors are supposed to attend IRC meetings as well but it's not always the case.

Should the meetings of the community team be held in more public places? This is likely to change in the future, so we should wait and see.

Outside of meetings, we used to have something called Tor status: with an IRC command you could tell what your immediate status is, on very small tasks. Even though this doesn't work for everybody, it's still useful amongst the people who are on IRC and want to interact based on this.

Mailing lists

tor-dev seems to work fine.

It's also important to have all development conversations happen on public and archived places.

We should create a tor-mobile list for all topics related to Tor on mobile devices.

On mailing list it's useful to add summaries of long emails on top of them.

Project tracking

Should we publish information about budget vs completion of grants, and do so per grant? Which is some information we anyway have to report to our funders. This would only work for sponsors that pay per deliverables.

Sometimes hard to know who is responsible for different parts of Tor at a given time, as people change role. The Vegas teams can make this easier and are now listed on the homepage of Trac.

The Tor Browser and network team use Trac tag to flag their work for the month. They use this information to track progress, write reports, etc. This system is not perfect yet, but we're getting there.

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