“Membership process”

Follow-up from Berlin discussions:

Comments on the above:

  • We need a social contract. The mission statement is not enough.
  • We need a community council that could kick people out if they are not helping Tor.


  • Create one or more of tor-employees@ / tor-company@ mailing list.
  • Run the word “member” through a council.
  • Create a new tor-members@ mailing list, define its rule, and get rid of tor-internal@ in a couple of months.
  • Ask people like John Gilmore or Frank Rieger if they think a tor-elders@ list would be useful.
  • Migrate what's relevant to the internal SVN and corporate SVN into Git/Sparkleshare repositories. We should have different repositories for different user groups. Company stuff should go in a different directory than press which can be used by some members and some employees, than stuff that is for members (like the key to the internal IRC channel). 
  • Review and refine what it means to be a member. 
  • Review and refine the membership process. 
  • Review the idea of the “Tor Project Account Manager”. Decide on who that could be. 
  • Have the current community agree about who's going to be a member of the community council.

We will provide trainings for people to use tech tools required to be a member, but its a prerequisite.

About contractors/employees vs. project member

Do we need a email address?
Will new paid people get their membership status only at the end of probation period (so shorter than the current 6 months period)?
If people already part of the community are being hired, there won't be problem.
Is it a good thing that the community can veto someone hired by the company?

If company folks can also get an email address, then there's no real problem here. Are we fine with having people who are not project members have

Maybe just a list of project members on a website actually solves the problem.

(We want more than just formal members at the meeting in all cases, so company folks are welcome.)

The list of members must be public, but you choose to decide what names and stuff is written on the page.

We will have an emeritus status for people we will remove from tor-internal. Do we need a tor-elders@ private mailing list?

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