OTF Proposals

Concept notes are due March 1st, Fellowships are Due March 15th.

Suggestion: email in-process proposals or get help on editing to funding@… (private, not archived mailing list)

We should investigate more funding channels.
Big challenge in EU funding. It's longer term (horizon 2020), made by consortiums of at least 6 entities, and O(200 pages).
There is a current call due in august for which consortiums are currently forming. Being proactive would have meant starting on this 2 months ago, but we can still influence / join semi-formed consortiums.

There are sovereign funds from some countries (e.g. sweden) which are worth looking into.

Are there other types of work tor should do to diversify?

  • Asking for donations?
  • VC Funding?
  • Security audits for other entities?
  • Products?
  • Approaching big companies to donate money to us?

Action Items:

  • Have a second funding session to map out future grant sources
  • List of foundations
  • Get list of people tor should reach out to.
  • Figure out document sharing system for tor.
  • Solicit getting feedback from people submitting things relevant to tor
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