internal comm channels are not safe space Need for reducing/limiting/filtering the internal comms channels and expanding Basing on Mozilla membership/volunteer system/classification

Volunteer/community members are self identitying Tor Project Members have a documented process TP Members get:

  • a tp.o email address
  • shell
  • homepage
  • private comms channels/rtc
  • documentation
  • resources (hardware/software)
  • community (transitive) trust

Membership requirements:

  • active 6 month activity related to Tor
  • authed PGP key, signed by another active project member
  • Need an advocate who is an active member
  • Understand how your skills fit within the project
  • agree to mission statement
  • agree to CoC
  • Agree to support the existing private spaces and respecting members privacy

Debian is community driven, while TP is driven by board and Exec board, so modeling membership on Debian is not 1-1 with Tor There is a potential legal battle between comminity and Execs,

community managers? for providing a bridge between legal and community

tp.o and tp.c (?) for community vs company [employees]

have a probationary period where a contractor/employee does not receive an ldap account until after that period

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