Around the Tor world: Press and improving Tor public perception

Just around an year ago we started calling reporters and pitching positive stories about Tor. We have adversaries, the Dark Net, law enforcement in the media narrative. So we decided to start experimenting with new topics and strategies.

For example: We did an exclusive with one reporter (Wired), giving one hour time for that before giving info to other outlet (who then all took the first one as reference) = it was great, we learned how to influence through working closely with the first contact with the media.

We are also working more closely with Library Freedom Project, Article 19 and others, so that we can share narrative and resources about how also our allies can talk about Tor. That helps a lot.

- first volunteer, started doing user stories
- doing great work, what could go wrong
- written as articles, had a problem where editors were writing crappy stuff in after the article
- not the same as normal NGO in press situation
- what we are doing now
- phase1, tell reporters what we were doing - didn't really get work, didn't get traction
- give reporters limited amount of time to write about stuff
- try to control the first story that comes out
- weird manipulation, people don't really do that, it's been working
- 150 positive press stories from Tor Messenger
  - gave andy greenburg (wired) 1 hour to write article
- another thing starting to do, mainstream thing press people do
 - we have interesting user stories, written out of articles
 - when an ally says it, stays in article
 - huge example is library freedom project, we have been advising
 - shows up when reflected in an ally
 - all the internet freedom org press
   - beautiful dream of happy press
   - starting to be allies of us
   - 'heres our take on this, use it or not'
- identify stuff that is simple stuff to help Tor that is easy for other organizations
 - take a picture with a Tor shirt, tweet it to us
 - retweet
- flooding the zone - pick the week, plan for months, designate a week for stuff to happen
 - flood social media, blogs, with a particular set of messaging
 - about encryption, tor, user stories, etc
 - allies, EFF,
 - main thing, 24 hrs, a week, or something
 - reporter covers the 1 thing
 - used successfully by other groups
 - friendly, no downside
 - what learned
  - obvious normal stuff - not working
  - weird tricks, totally working
  - key is sharing messaging through allies, so we are reflected in the press


- france - police wants to ban tor
 - la quadrature 10 phone calls, what do you say about, didn't answer, didn't have any documents
 - build a better relationship with la quadrature

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