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     3'''__Around the Tor world: project management and UX__'''[[BR]][[BR]][[BR]]The Project Manager is currently working with: Applications team, Network team, redesign of the website.[[BR]]Also  helping to build the UX team (with Nima): user support/ user research/  design/ localization people in a multidisciplinary team to help  developers.[[BR]][[BR]]Also working on: how to do measurements while we improve the interface securely.[[BR]][[BR]]Question: Will we do A/B testing?[[BR]]No.  But we will work with specific testers. We are discussing with Simply  Secure about this (OTF will support this), and we would like to have  Chinese and Farsi-speaking testers giving us feedback.[[BR]][[BR]]help the applications team, more user-facing software, tor browser, tor messenger, ricochet[[BR]]- network team, pluggable transports[[BR]][[BR]]- interface with the sponsors, keep track of deliverables, help them prioritize, do triage, organize division of labor,[[BR]]- project that helping - website redesign - starting now, had a couple of meetings[[BR]]- put on the wall the faces of the website, how we are[[BR]]- put out a call for designers, to create mocks, do user-research on those mocks to see which one we pick[[BR]]-  another team - UX team - helping nima build that team -  multidisciplinary team - designers, user support, trainers, localization  people,[[BR]]  user researchers, our goal is to build a bridge with the  developers - let them know this work is happening - get as much user  feedback into our[[BR]]  development process[[BR]][[BR]]questions[[BR]][[BR]]- what is tor doing to increase # of pm, reach out to smaller projects, 1 off projects[[BR]]- shari plans to hire more people[[BR]][[BR]]whoever is hired, hope to coordinate, share notes, skills, to make sure that[[BR]]- not tracking bridgedb work?[[BR]]- help isis build her proposal[[BR]]- work she is doing is tied up with[[BR]]- fixing broken user experience[[BR]]- user growth strategy[[BR]]-  what is a safe way to measure, to build a baseline, of the changes we  make, to see impact, good for us to learn and prove to possible funding  that this is important[[BR]]  - try to understand how many on tor network is mobile, or desktop, things to help us[[BR]]- whole user path, what are possible steps where we are losing people[[BR]] -  where someone search for tor, the search result, change the information  there, to add gettor@ for censored users, in the search results, little  things like that,[[BR]]   where you can help the user, in case they get confused, to reduce churn and lose them[[BR]][[BR]]- tor browser to get a manual[[BR]] - lack of follow-up and communications, between browser team, and helpdesk[[BR]] - communication smooth? more people help?[[BR]][[BR]] - applications team - coordinating the UX team with them - to make suggestions, the importance of doing it[[BR]]   - lots of overhead in meetings, will let team know which meetings to come to to bridge the people