Tor has currently some 40 machines. Some of them will disappear in the future. We need to figure out ways of how to replace them.

  • Is there a budget on this? Right now there is no budget, but that might come
  • There are some machines were noone knows who uses them and what is their purpose. Maybe kill them?
  • future services which were requested
    • mail 
    • DotTor
    • Sandstorm
    • Mumble (there is a VM which isn't used for a year)
  • TBB has now lots of users, which download the software. The bandwidth is nowadays quite much. Goal: move it to a CDN. Maybe Fastly is the solution. weasel is in talks with them.
    • naif knows some persons which work in data centers.
    • Could Mozilla help? Shari could go into talks with several executives
    • Nick offered also ressources in Calyx
    • Maybe only do updates via Fastly
    • Will we loose the user numbers if we move to Fastly? Question: What do we need? Currently one sees the redirects. Maybe that's sufficient.
    • Do we need the metrics and for what? 
  • Greenhost does hosting for OTF and DrWhax offered VMs.
  • Linus (Sunet) also offered VMs. Bandwidth is not a problem here.


  • we run ud-ldap
  • user can make some settings
  • maybe changes: ldap pw == user pw == sudo pw; this should be changed


  • deal with all the users (spam, back/restore etc.)
  • central place were some "agency" can have a look
  • Policy: If you have a .forward, which places are OK
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