• financial
    financial independence from the USG
    have reserve money 
    financial stability

    * advocacy / outreach
    * more allies == more sustainable
    * be able to educate and influence allies in US and Europe and elsewhere
    * we need to have capacity to lead
    * obvious allies: EFF, EDRI
    * non-obvious allies: library community, doctors, journalists, mormons
    better public perception of tor including in popular media 
    technical standard for the industry

    tor becomes the standard of online anonymity ("there look at that project using tor" 
    do we want allies? or should we do it ourselves?
    we need better aesthetics and visual capacity
    we need brochures and advocacy material for conferences (press kit) 
    good relationship with corps like apple
    good presence in conferences
    standard bodies (IETF) recognize tor
    be the SEO kings
    tor gets involved and influences standards and protocol development
    tor usage is taught in school
    grassroots organizer / influence public policy
    * should we do it or not?
    * tor becomes the bare minimum (?)
    users use tor without even knowing
    other people are doing tor measurement and statistics correctly
    law enforcement has good relationship with tor
    white house should have onion address
    *TBB* on mobile (iOS / android)

    * external community
    * more integration with people running relays 
    * people should not be afraid to run exit relays (lawyer sup[port)
    * more diversity of tor network (relays everywhree!)
    * more capacity
    * performance
    * scalability
    * new relays
    * tor should be fast enough to accomodate new users 
    * UDP transport

    localization / end-to-end localization: both translation and culture localization

    be able to facilitate other user models 
    * in africa they pay by the minute
    * should be able to accomodate new places using cyber
    ISPs and RIPE loves Tor
    website that works
    network of trainers around the world
    bigger selection of conference attendees

    * internal community
    more internal diversity (in torproject)
    healthier community in terms of mentally 
    more healthy expectations about community
    better job security
    better contracting policy

    * research community
    healthy tor research ecosystem
    ways for research to become part of tor
    tor leads the research community
    tor imporves based research results

    * tor security
    shuld be possible to use tor in a safe and easy way (integration in tails / subgraph)
    secure bandwidth measurements
    everyone in the world can reach tor 
    end-to-end correlation
    postquantum crypto
    DoS resistance
    * need to undersatnd DoS threats to the tor network
    better crypto primitives
    safer libraries (openssl)
    * fully capable usability research team on mobile and desktop
    * team understands tor usability and keeps it good (?)ap
    more users / more variety / more   audience
    better monitoring the network (a whole team)
    cloudflare: all websites should be able to handle tor users
    technology for websites to handle anonymous users

    * development team
    all our users are getting good support
    firefox should include Tor by default
    safe metrics  and statistics
    mozilla should merge our privacy patches
    we need development capacity to be able to maintain software, write features and also do incidence response
    * incidence response: be able to react to censorship, security attacks
    * better/faster detection of security incidences < 

    we have so many developers that we can make tor better instead of only maintaining 
    hidden services goals (?)
    tor messenger (?)
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