Around the Tor world: applications and research

  1. We need to make the Tor network stronger.
  2. We need to make the Tor design stronger against adversaries (e.g. correlation attacks). We want Tor to be a stable, secure and reliable system.
  3. We need to understand how to scale the community. We need the community, thousands of people around the world making Tor grow and stronger.
  • 3 topics
  • we need to make the tor network stronger, there are a bunch of good relays, and a bunch of jerks. recurring theme, we need some way to get ahead of the arms race
  • right now we notice patterns, we complain, sometimes the relays go away, sometimes we dont notice the problem
  • always worry there are actual governments doing smart attacks, that we wont notice them
  • 10 relays showed up a few days ago from northeastern university - roger sent email asking about the relays
  • but if we dont know the relays - should we have a web of trust?
  • building a community out of relay operators in general is good

 - we need to make tor stronger against large adversaries, especially the end-to-end correlation attack
 - big telco/governemnt has a chance to watch a lot of the internet
 - how to do padding, traffic manipulation to make those attacks more theoretical, less practical

 - the community side - the volunteer side - the outreach side
 - once upon a time - a few funded people, a whole lot of volunteers
 - started funding some of those people, distracted mentoring, managing people being funded, didn't have time to also regrow that community side
 - dont coordinate and help the volunteers like we used to - dont know how to fix that - a thing we need to focus on
 - tor cannot build things to keep people safe against every government - so many attacks going on - need to be able to coordinate the rest of th eworld
 - to understand what tor is, how to help us

there is no tor research list - not many researchers - roger used to be research coordinator - went to universities - gave them direction
 - pluggable transport exists because of this
 - cloudflare research happened because of outreach from roger
 - roger has been busy and not following what papers -
 - tried to get professors to help with the 'research director' role - wrong people to do academic outreach? maybe there is a good professor out there

 - how does PETS interact
 - a place to go for tor reserach, do a buncho f outreach, a lot of tor people at these events
 - 10 person project - not jsut get 1 person to do it

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