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How is the Board organized?

Until one year ago the Board existed but only because it was required. One year ago the Board decided that Roger and Nick needed help, so the Board started being more active. Meeting once a month or often as needed.

During the last year the Board took care of the ED work, while Tor was looking for a new ED. Now there's a new ED, so the Board stepped back and meets only once a month.
The Board supervises the ED, takes decisions about salaries, approves budget, controls if plans run accordingly to expectations and admin things like bank account, insurance, etc.

Who is on the Board: Roger, Nick, Wendy, Rabbi Rob, Ian, Julius, Meredith (accounting).

- take the chance to describe what we are doing, how we are organized, what we are not doing
- board is 7 people, roger dingledine, nick matthewson, rabbi rob, meredith (accounting), ian goldberg, julius (ccc), wendy seltzer
- before julius joined, board was there because tor needed one to be nonprofit, meeting 1 a year, not a very active role
- andrew resigned, the board decided it had to step in and help roger/nick, that the org doesn't implode/explode
- phone conference every 2nd week, sometimes more often, 1 or 2 hour telephone conference, especially wendy
- wendy taking over many organizational roles, tax papers, signing, 
- board became much more active
- additional task, searching for the ED, defining criteria, discussing with candidates
- after sheri - board stepping back again - not to be as inactive as before - but
- to become less operational
- good to have people not involved in the daily business, not controlling, but to keep an overview
- telephone conference - there's a schedule, agenda, step through agenda, discussing stuff like
- insurances, sometimes salaries, budget for next year, sometimes HR things, if it makes sense to close down office in boston and move it to seattle
- beaurocratic things needed to run such organization


- main thing - could we have minutes, what was the agenda, what happened
  - yes - that has been a request, shari starts writing in her week of ED - writing down what was the discussion in the board
  - 2 weeks ago wrote that for example, shari wants to open an office in seattle - tor is changing bank accounts
  - some things probably cant be disclosed - e.g. HR issues, privacy issues

- weekly ED is a private/internal email - for a not for profit org -

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