Tor Labs

The website exists. Some people already have an account. The whole is currently protected by a “william” / “gibson” HTTP authentication.

It's a blog. Each project have their own tag. So people can follow-up on development. Tags do have sub-tags. Example is a “firewall” project where we can both have a firewall for laptop and firewall on routers as specific “sub projects”.

Howtos are in scope. Even very rough scripts are good. But we need to be honest about the limitations and future works. The Android thing had a lot of success in bootstrapping a community of excited people.

Do we want to document bad ideas? Two aspects: one is our own bad ideas, like project that turned out stupid after community review; the other is critics of how other people are doing things.

Projects that could happen :

  • Phone / Tablet restricted to Tor (mission impossible blog post)   (Mike)
  • USB firewall using udev (also look at usbguard) (Mike)
  • OpenWrt scripts to turn a router limiting a set of guards or bridges (Mike)
  • OnionShare-type stuff on Android (Nathan)
  • Onion baby monitor (Nathan) — it's a surveillance, device. Do we want that?
  • Oniongrid to store camera shots from a door — same thing?
  • Onionshare
  • Ricochet
  • Pond (but it seems Adam Langley wants to put it on pause)
  • Components to build pluggable transports (master thesis students from sjmurdoch) — maybe not, see below
  • Experiments with mid-latency anonymity (master thesis students from sjmurdoch) — maybe not, see below
  • Crazy pluggable transports ideas (blanu)
  • grsec for Tails, document the kernel limitations
    • it would only be a valid post if someone would explain how to turn an existing Tails into a Tails with grsec
  • building a Tor Browser for FreeBSD
  • building a Tor Browser for armhf
  • firewall for Debian (Lunar)
  • tor filter router based OpenWrt (Lunar)
  • onionbox — self-hosting services behind onion services
    • KSP keyserver behind hidden service (Lunar)
    • Etherpad server behind hidden service (Lunar)
  • activist.js website caching
  • cross-compiling obfs4proxy for an iOS app (mike tigas)
  • Tor Browser on chromium OS (sysrqb)
  • Tor consensus transparency (ln5 ?)
  • integration with Tahoe-LAFS (David Stainton)
  • how to cross borders? (David Stainton)

We want to focus on projects that people can use. Even if it's just for hackers, and build upon on it.

Get a Tor Labs community Twitter? Interacted using an IRC bridge?

What's the situation regarding website and backups?

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