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     3'''__Around the Tor world: Tor on mobile__'''[[BR]][[BR]]1) Big picture thinking [[BR]]Let's change our perspective of what mobile is. It's not about getting an app in the App Store.[[BR]][[BR]]How  does Tor work on these small computers? You have a lot of specific  experiences that you have that are not in computers-with-keyboards.[[BR]][[BR]]There  is much that could be done: e.g. a lot of the IoT devices are a  something that Tor can help be more secure. Good things on the horizon  to think about.[[BR]][[BR]]We have great iOS devs here at the meeting who shipped big apps working with Tor. Also, the OONI team.[[BR]][[BR]]We have a concerted effort to bring Tor to iOS.[[BR]][[BR]]2) More in detail[[BR]][[BR]]Orbot is getting more and more users.[[BR]][[BR]]!OrFox has a million installs – it's a real browser, the full thing, we can rely on it.[[BR]] [[BR]][[BR]]Other things working well: pluggable transports, hidden services.[[BR]][[BR]]Reproducibility of mobile is also very exciting for us and we are getting some OTF support for it.[[BR]][[BR]]Question: Signal over Tor?[[BR]]It would be great! Still a challenge of architecture. More to come.[[BR]][[BR]][[BR]]- been using tor meeting to change perspective around what tor on mobile is[[BR]] -  lets build tor apps for appstores and smartphones - great! but think  about tor running in nontraditional devices, pervasive devices, personal  devices, things that are around us[[BR]]  - what happens when tor switches between 3g/wifi/2g/running out of data, what happens to hidden services[[BR]]   - important because NSA, someone related, dont have to worry about  encryption because of great new side channel of internet of things[[BR]]  - tor is opportunity to improve security across the board[[BR]]  - example - chip computer, $9, runs debian, runs tor[[BR]]   - tor on baby monitors, microwaves, car dashboards, these are  everywhere, and have Horrible security, hidden services have a lot of  value here[[BR]][[BR]]- 2 really awesome iphone developers at the meeting[[BR]]- mike tigas, onion browser[[BR]]- obfs4proxy on iphone[[BR]]-  tor on ios is an interesting challenge, it takes a whole different  mindset, expertise, to make compromises, changes of expectations how  things will work, happy we have people working on that[[BR]]- excited because some of the best iphone deveopers in the world working on this[[BR]]- think this year we'll see a lot of progress[[BR]]- may not be like torbrowser on iphone, but ricochet on iphone, onionshare, ooniprobe, things that should technically work[[BR]]- like on android - orfox, not likely to happen on iphone unless apple changes policies[[BR]][[BR]]questions[[BR]]- getting apple to change policies[[BR]]- working with mozilla to lean on them[[BR]][[BR]][[BR]]-  secure camera app - cameraV, evidence grade camera app for activists,  fully encrypted, lets you select the photos, send the files via  onionshare, orbot gets onion, can[[BR]]- onionshare is an intent that can be used by other applications[[BR]]- hidden services on smartphones works really well now, tor core made some improvements[[BR]]- orbot, orfox, more apps are integrating our sdk, big outreach campaign - i f afacebook intern can make it work, so can you[[BR]]- orfox getting out of beta[[BR]]