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Tor Social Contract

Tor Project Inc has a mission statement, which is what the company spends its money on. This is different.

The social contract is a set of goals and behaviors: results we want in the world, and how we achieve them.

Examples: "We want everybody in the world to understand that privacy is important" "We will never restrict availability and usage of Tor's technologies."

Intent plays a role, but behavior is important too.

We have a community council (4 people) for assessing cases. Good building block.

You have to grow Tor (support these guidelines) in your tor time, and you have to not undermine these guidelines in the rest of your time.

Example edge cases: Alice, a Tor volunteer, becomes an FBI employee. Bob, a Tor volunteer and employee at Cisco, gets moved to Cisco's DPI division. This is a general thing that's covered by the "conflict of interest" principle. It's generally appropriate to force people to leave an organisation for this reason, i.e. even if they haven't specifically broken any other rules.

These guidelines are not just for members. They are for anybody who wants to help Tor. They can also be used to judge who should be at dev meetings. But they're not the code of conduct ("Charlie, a Tor researcher, tweets about how Tor mistreated him.")

Next steps, Lunar and Roger and the community council should work on phrasings.