Around the Tor world: Tor vision

  1. Making Tor healthier and more sustainable. Now Tor exists, but we want people not to be so overloaded, want more equipment, resources, want to make Tor financially comfortable. In the budget for this year there is a little bit of money to help projects – please feel free to talk with the ED if you have questions.
  2. We want the general public to know about Tor, positively.
  3. We want operational structure for Tor: an office, providing support for people who work for the organization.

What are the things that you would like Tor to focus on?
Question: How to get there? Each of the steps we talked about are realistic.
We talked with funders and they agree.
Question: Some funders could be concerned about Tor becoming the next target in the public debate around encryption (e.g. Apple/ FBI). What to do?
When we talked with government funders we talk about Tor as a tech project. When we talk with foundations, we talk about it as a freedom project. And we don't lie, Tor is both.

- key things about what i am thinking aobut - really open to suggestions - ideas and thoughts about ways to move forward
- big things on vision
 - want to make tor healthier and more sustainable
 - once org is feeling more solid, will really help
 - cant believe we're doing as much as we are  with the people we have
 - going to burn out, cant sustain that
 - get more money, get more people, get equipment we nee3d, go to conferences, learn more about things, not worry about funding to be able to do that
 - have to get more operationally effiicient - office to be able to help solve those kind of problems
 - providing support to (tor) people
 - making us known and more respected to the general public, e.g. internet freedom has a lot of respect
 - usg knows tor and uses it
 - most people still dont know what tor is, only hear about association with 'dark web'
 - that isn't what tor is, get more known, more repsected, used more

- vision for tor
- finding more people great, wont scale to the level of tor becoming a massive thing
- cant find 1 person in every country, properly get volunteers to spread message in their community, and also take care of them
- another thing - more and more phrasing Tor as reclaim your privacy - decide what data you are going to share

- any thoughts on transparency in the organization
- mike perry talking in session tomorrow
- differnet levels of transparency
- shares more at operational levels than other places i've worked
- things that remain secret like personnel things
- things that stay inside the community and things that are public
- looking to the community for more advice instead of just moving forward on things
- need to slow down a little bit - on a few things

- improve the mobile applications - now everyone is on mobile
 -  thats really the only way to access the internet in some countries

- some things too long to fit into the ..
- thanks for the weekly ED email.

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