Training and outreach
Library Freedom Project – like Cryptoparty, but just Allison. 

Has found that in one-to-one interactions with new people, actually people do care about their privacy

Not as unusable as we might think.
Tor is hard to fix because you don't take data from your users – and people can understand that. 

People come to LFP, word of mouth
Changing public perception around Tor in two years
Doesn't end up having to do outreach
Tor teachers List exists – started recently. Not heavy volume. Consists of people who are doing trainings around tor or want to.
Curriculum, translation, strategies.
Run by morpheus and Allison

Training at scale can provide valuable feedback about user pain-points to Tor developers. Good side effect of having 

Feedback documentation strategies? Some use of surveys, collecting scattered comments from people during trainings.
How to do surveys that people don't hate and get actual feedback?

Everything available on Librayr Freedom's Github

Allison's materials aren't in the repository because they aren't limited to Tor – broader privacy curriculum.

Tor teachers wiki – see what's missing from the POV of a new visitor, fill it in.
Churches mentioned as a type of community where trainings might self-propagate

Website that gathers all events and resources from Cryptoparty/Library Freedom
I teach about why you would need to use Tor, not just how. 

Useful analogies like the postcard
Libraries ask good questions
High schools, Universities
High school asssemblies

Capabilities of the intelligence agencies and police and corporations, anti-authority teenagers

No sign of a slow-down of people who wantto learn it

Cryptoparty Harlem – focusing on the neighbourhood and people who go to protests
Here's how to protect yourself in general
Other target groups? Doctors, nurses, lawyers, journalists, realtors. 
Hitting up conferences in these different disciplines 
Where to teach?
Different professions to outreach to

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