• Consensus Transparency (prop 239, prop 267, CoSi)
  • Safely collecting usage metrics in Tor Browser
  • Update Core Tor IPv6 Roadmap
  • IPv6 Hackfest
  • Transitioning from hidden service to single onion service with the same address (how should we implement this feature?)
  • mixnet meetup:
    • Tor + mixnet integration?
    • Jeff's PQ ratchet mix idea
    • Jeff's SURB log idea
    • design discussion for replacement "pond"-like system for mixnets. These two papers might be helpful to read in preparation for this discussion since they are both recent examples of messaging systems with reliable delivery properties that use mixnets:
  • what does Tor support look like on Android?
  • discuss progress on Tor's new channel scheduler (#12541 and children - robgjansen, nickm?)
  • authenticated SENDME design to defend against bandwidth DoS attacks (SponsorV - proposal forthcoming - robgjansen, arma)
  • performance measurements - transitioning Tor metrics from TorPerf to OnionPerf (robgjansen, karsten, hiro)
  • transitioning bandwidth authorities from TorFlow to a more robust codebase
  • new directory authority operators and bandwidth authority operators
  • tor test network operators meeting
  • Testing tor- what areas don't have many tests, or have tests that aren't effective? How much confidence do our automated tests give, how can we improve that?
  • Application support for router consensus: does Tor router consensus support this use case of Zcash nodes tipping random routers safely?
    • can routers publish authenticated app-specific data (eg zcash z-addrs) through the roster consensus mechanism?
    • can we ensure an application has a consistent view of the roster to avoid partitioning attacks?
    • (nathan-at-least is a Tor noob, so this might be a very simple 10 minute overview conversation, or it may be more involved and require protocol design work.)
  • onionMX

future goals?

  • get rid of TLS! or at least get rid of openssl
  • migrate little-t tor to a more memory safe programming language
  • PQ crypto for everything so that even NSA 6000 AD can't break it
  • increased network stats gathering to facilitate detection of known active attacks on the Tor network
  • better client route creation algorithms; e.g. BGP ASN awareness


  • how can Tor community and Zcash or other cryptocurrency communities collaborate more effectively?
  • improve Zcash's Tor integration: Zcash Tor issues
  • add Tor-friendly alternative peer discovery protocol to Ethereum. It uses RPLx, a UDP-based p2p discovery protocol (variant of Kademlia).
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