Tor on iOS

  • Tor on iOS has been very hard for a long time
  • its getting easier
  • most of the world uses Android
  • certain key target audiences use iOS
    • NGO Directors, Journalists, etc.
  • Onion Browser is now cost free so people in sanctioned countries can

download it

  • Orbot style system-wide Tor is looking possible on newest iOS
  • talk to Mike Tigas about getting on the beta list
  • tun2tor - tun2socks in Rust
  • obfs4 works on iOS
  • iOS Network Extension VPN mode:
    • make Tor enabling easy
    • reduce the risk of leaks
  • if half megabyte tor was possible, Facebook would embed it in iOS/Android
  • there are still lots of limitations of the iOS platform that make it

impossible to provide the same level of protection as Tor Browser

  • all browsers must use system webkit
  • no custom browser engines
  • 8-12 weeks from public beta of Onion Browser 2
  • Onion Browser is still not an official Tor Project browser
  • help Nick figure out how to optimize tor core for mobile
  • NetCipher
    • moving Tor Browser style privacy protections to NetCipher
    • supports all the popular HTTP libraries on Android
    • UrlConnection support is stable, the rest is
  • Orfox and Orbot work on Chromebooks, get it from Google Play
  • Google Play Services jars are the only proprietary bits in Firefox,

Signal, and many more

  • let's all lobby Google Play Services team to open source their Android

jars used by Firefox, Signal, many others

  • reproducibly built Android apps are fully possible with F-Droid tools

aka fdroidserver

  • Nick Merrill is starting a mobile carrier/telecom/MVNO focused on

privacy and security

  • looking to ship specific devices customized for best practice security

and privacy

  • Nick is looking for feedback about what is important to include in

this custom device

  • Orbot built-in
  • Calyx and Guardian Project are working with Copperhead and Fairphone
  • Copperhead's core Android work has lots of good stamps of approval
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