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     2How can we get better feedback from users into our dev cycle?
     5What others do
     8-Tails is doing this by having an application (whisperback) for
     9reporting things. The reports go to a helpdesk which then opens tickets
     10in the bug tracker for the devs
     12-Tails did some user interviews at conferences etc.
     14-Mozilla has a lot of the feedback via Bugzilla, the bug tracker; then
     15there is the Testpilot extension
     17-Zcash has a weekly meeting where tickets and Github issues are getting
     18triaged; this is done by the devs themselves
     20-if Zcash people encounter reports under the week they make a note and
     21handle that one on the weekly triage meeting mentioned previously
     23-Zcash folks are directing issues to related project directly to the
     24respective devs
     26-Ubuntu has a bug triage tickets for Launchpad bugs (crash tickets etc.)
     28What we could do
     31-Tor Browser could have a similar included feedback mechanism (feedback
     32extension); the priority of the resulting issues could be sorted by keywords
     34-We could have a feedback form in the stable series, which is ready/pops
     35up if something goes wrong
     37-Or we could have that form in the menu and we are acknowledging that we
     38get the feedback and that somebody is looking into it (with approx. time
     39when this is done)
     41-We could have that form including a search box which goes directly
     42through our search portal. If the issue is not available on the portal
     43open a ticket with support
     45-quarterly goals ("this time new users"; "this time users in China") ->
     46did we succeed? -> if not, refine the strategy
     48-trying to have important user tickets solved regularly
     50-we should be aware of localitzation issues at our support portal; if
     51there are any (e.g. due to missing translations) human interaction is needed