Tor community meeting

Intros/what this team is working on

  • community educators, trainers, relay operator support (tshirts!), making Cops not afraid of Tor, Ooni community, Global South

Global south outreach

  • Do better outreach to users/devs/operators in Global South. Get these folks more involved in the community, listen to them.
  • GS outreach mainly 2 parts: promote anonymity tools among organizations & increase userbase of tor
  • Looking for folks to work with in India. We've contacted a lot of places (NGOS, institutions) (universities are not replying)
  • Direchos Digitales outreach is mostly for GS relays -- some exits in Chile and a couple more coming in Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil
  • Looking to inspire others to run relays
  • DD applied for OTF funding, waiting for response
  • Every relay operator should learn to explain why tor is important
  • DD is also attempting to increase userbase in Ecuador, universities were afraid
  • Investigating legal aspects for each country in LatAm
  • Ooni has similar challenges engaging orgs to work with them b/c associated risk of operating relay
  • It's important to find orgs who are already aligned (doing research specific to this)
  • Similar in US – have to find prof who cares about topic
  • One way to try to build relationships with unis, civil society orgs, or NGOs: start with offering training and then engage relay question. The success of this also depends on if the goal is awareness or more relays
  • Other Global South project is working to identify trainers for travel funding support
  • Currently working with folks in South (Kenya, Egypt, Pakistan, Brazil) with trainings in works
  • Attempting to set up trainings in India targetting NGOs w/ no response
  • This might be due to suspicion about emails with US-based mentions
  • Suggestion to try CIS, perhaps higher level technical trainings could at least be a foot in the door
  • Tabling the GS discussion for Saturday's Global South working session

User education support portal & outreach portal (TBA)

  • UX team is redesigning Tor project website
  • framework/order: big categories, home page, dev, support, outreach
  • 1st is support portal (nothing exists in it's place now)
  • Will look like: search bar for FAQ style articles, manual, Tor glossary
  • Needs: more content, coming from old answers and new content
  • We hope to have a testing site soon & translation!!!
  • Creating more templates (Tor browser as example)
  • works w/o JS, just less functionality
  • More about this at the UX session on Saturday
  • Feedback mechanism for users and developers -- looking for input on this!!!
  • outreach portal will come later on in the website redesign, will include training docs, casual tor advocate (flyers, etc), best ways to answer typical questions, Tor explainer for different types of groups, more content, translation, localization open ended... lots of development needed
  • send ideas to community team/Linda

Community governance docs

  • Slowly but surely, we will have community governance docs
  • voting process in place (successful 1st vote on community council guidelines)
  • community council guidelines will go up on the repo soon
  • Contributor guidelines (“How do you become a Tor person”) will go into the proposal phase next
  • after that: Code of conduct

Making relay ops lives betters

  • The epic tshirt backlog is finally done!!!!
  • looking for new ways to support relay ops
  • especially in places where network geography is limiting bandwidth (and therefore cannot reach tshirt threshold)
  • need more resources to answer common questions
  • Magical trio: identify q's, Roger answers, 3rd person documents, gets put on support portal

Boston Science Museum

  • Head trustee of BSM contacted Biella
  • mostly tabled for Sunday meeting where we'll ask each other how to teach children about Tor
  • Tactical tech documents can help here -- "My Shadow"

Next steps

  • global south session on Saturday
  • UX session
  • Reviving Tor weekly news
  • Threat modeling in era of rise of right wing govts
  • Sunday meetings: museum of Science, Ooni team
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